Trip Report – Harrietville Circuit

Trip Report by Andrew Cook – March 2018

Probably won’t do such a big day next time

We decided to hike the Harrietville Circuit, better known as the Mount Feathertop – Bon Accord and Bungalow Spurs. We drove up to dimantina hut, arriving at 1.30am and camped. The kids set off from there at about 9.00am.

We drove to Harrietville and started up the Bungalow at about 10. It was warm and very still, I haven’t sweated that much for ages. Got to Fed hut about 1.00. Met the kids at the junction, and had lunch. Just as we went to go up to Feathertop it started raining and close in. Kids camped at the hut.

After getting back to the junction, we continued along the Razorback to the head of Bon Accord track. By this stage being nearly 6.00pm, fog was thick to 50m visibility. Everything was wet. So we started down, thinking we would camp at the old hut site. The last time I had been there was in 1989 and there was a group with horses camping there. So you can imagine my surprise when we got there and there was barely enough room for 2 tents. As it was only 7.00pm we continued on until dark, 9.00, and bivied in a part of the track that was clearer than the rest.

Track was surprisingly overgrown to what I expected. Shared the night with 2 nests of sugar ants, then hiked out the next day. Eventually met kids at car and drive the 6 hrs home. Awesome hike, probably won’t do such a big day next time though.

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