Volunteer bushwalkers and the AAAS

Volunteer bushwalkers are NOT required to comply with the AAAS

Source: Bushwalking Victoria

21 March 2018

Bushwalking Victoria has analysed the AAAS Core and Bushwalking Standards and consider that most of the content is either not relevant to or far exceeds the needs of volunteer bushwalking activities.

The AAAS are designated as “voluntary” and are not enacted or authorised by any Act of Parliament or other legislative instrument.

The Minister for Sport, John Eren MP, has advised that there is no current intention to mandate the use of the AAAS on behalf of relevant jurisdictions, including the Department of Health and Human Services, Parks Victoria and the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning.

The Minister for Energy, Environment & Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio MP, has advised that on their own, the standards have no legal status and there is no requirement to comply with them.

Volunteer bushwalkers cannot and should not be required to comply with the Core AAAS, Bushwalking AAAS or Camping AAAS.

Any attempts in the future to do so will be vigorously opposed, as will any other similar restrictions or impediments that would enable commercial interests to override the rights of community-based clubs to access and enjoy public land.

Any volunteer bushwalkers who are asked or required to comply with the AAAS should contact Bushwalking Victoria immediately.

Community based volunteer bushwalking trip leaders will continue to responsibly manage trip safety by using and contributing to the body of knowledge that informs and supports safe and enjoyable bushwalking.

Peter Campbell
President, Bushwalking Victoria




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