Merredin Peak
  • Length: 2.4km

  • Duration: 0.75hrs

  • Grade: 2

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Benson Road

  • End: Benson Road

  • Closest Town:

  • Location: Merredin

  • Distance from state capital: 260km

  • State: WA

  • Latitude: -31.478818

  • Longitude: 118.289007


Merredin Peak is a 2.4km, grade 2 Circuit hike located in Merredin Western Australia. The hike should take approximately 0.75hrs to complete.


Merredin Peak is located off Benson Road in the townsite of Merredin. It offers two interpretive walks, the Rock Walk and the Bush Walk which can be joined to become one longer walk trail.  Follow the rock walk for beautiful views over Merredin and the surrounding countryside and the bush walk to see native flora and fauna.

The Merredin Peak Trail provides an uninterrupted view across the town of Merredin and the surrounding rural area. As the highest peak in the area it offers spectacular panoramic views as far as the eye can see. Choose between two walk trails, depending on your level of fitness and stop to read the informative plaques indicating various points of interest along the trail. The Rock WalknThis trail offers scenic views of the town and adjacent bushland as well as interpretation on how granite rocks were used as water catchments from the 1890’s. Water from the rock was collected via granite walled channels and feed into Railway Dam. From there it filled the water tower in town to supply the steam trains. Walking over the rock you look down on the site of World War 2 Army Field Hospital and over the town. Prospectors on their way to the Yilgarn Goldfields had their camps tucked away in the lee of the rock.nnThe Bush WalknThis trail traverses a variety of habitats from Wandoo woodland to tamma thickets. The bush to the east of the trail is the home of the rare Mallee Fowl. Kangaroos, echidna and a variety of snakes and lizaRoads are found in the reserve while most of the common bush Bird species of Wheatbelt can be seen seasonally over a year. This trail links with the Rock Trail or you can return directly to your starting point. The Merredin Peak Trail is one of many recommended stops along the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail. Merredin is the largest regional town in the Central Eastern Wheatbelt and is a three hour drive east of Perth  


Start Point: Benson Road 1.5 kilometers from Merredin CBD which is 260km (3 hours) east of Perth,

End Point: Benson Road 1.5 kilometers from Merredin CBD which is 260km (3 hours) east of Perth,

Region: Merredin, Golden Outback

For more information, a location map and GPS file please visit Trails WA.