Jarrahdale 1872 Timber Tramway
  • Length: 8km

  • Duration: 2hrs

  • Grade: 2

  • Style: One Way

  • Start: Nettleton Road

  • End: South West Highway

  • Closest Town: Nettleton Road

  • Location: Regional Western Australia

  • Distance from state capital: 50km

  • State: WA

  • Latitude: -32.31061673

  • Longitude: 116.032486


Jarrahdale 1872 Timber Tramway is a 8km, grade 2 One Way hike located in Regional Western Australia Western Australia. The hike should take approximately 2hrs to complete.


The trail follows a former tramway from Jarrahdale to the site of the Balmoral POW Camp. It is part of the Munda Biddi Trail.

The trail starts at an information bay 1km west of Jarrahdale at the corner of Nettleton Road and Jarrahdale Road.
The trail features spectacular wildflowers in spring.
It includes a loop (not on the railway formation)
The total distance including loop walk is 8km return.

1. Jarrahdale Information http://jarrahdale.com/index.htm
2. Jarrahdale History http://www.jarrahdale.com/museumandhistory.htm
3. Trail Map http://jarrahdale.com/maps/walk_railway_heritage.pdf


Nettleton Road to South West Highway in Regional Western Australia

50km south east of Perth

Compacted earth

Flat and undulating

For more information and a location map please visit RailTrails Australia.