Wilsons Prom: Northern Circuit Hike (60km)

Wilsons Promontory National Park



3-4 days

Grade 5







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Wilsons Promontory Northern Circuit
Wilsons Promontory Northern Circuit

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Wilsons Promontory Northern Circuit
Wilsons Promontory Northern Circuit

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Explore Safe

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3 Reviews on “Wilsons Prom: Northern Circuit Hike (60km)”

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  • Avatar of Brenda Brenda Trail Author

    Comments from a recent hike.

    We just attempted this hike over the long weekend. The section between Tin Mine Cove and Lower Barry Creek Campsite (Day 3 for us) was so overgrown and poorly marked it was impossible to follow the ‘track’. Once off where the track used to be a compass is not much help as the bush is dense and very difficult to traverse. We got about a third of the way through the inland section to the creek crossing – not difficult about ankle deep mud – but the dense bush was practically impenetrable. We were running out of daylight and only half a day of water left, so we made the decision to turn around and go back to Tin Mine Cove (last water source). We didn’t reach the coast before nightfall, so camped where we were overnight and made it back to Tin Mine Cove the next day. We found some kind strangers with a boat at Tin Mine Cove who rescued us.

    NB: The inland section between Five Mile Beach and Tin Mine Cove (Day 2 for us) was also overgrown and easy to lose the track.

  • Avatar of Lauren Bray Lauren Bray

    Josh Bray ?

    1. Not seen much (i.e. nothing so far) from anyone on joining the northern and southern sections (e.g. going from 5 Mile Beach camp to Sealers Cove). Be interested to hear of anyone who’s done it.

    2. Avatar of Mikey Faulkner Mikey Faulkner

      Laura Layton hot digity damn

      1. Avatar of Luke Ognibene Luke Ognibene

        Matthew Cooper

        1. Avatar of Trish Asibal Trish Asibal

          Serene Silva

          1. Avatar of Pam Thornton Pam Thornton

            Susan Tebbitt Lexi Randolph-Carter Hana Davies Let’s lock in a date gals!

          2. Avatar of Anthony Burns Anthony Burns

            Thanks Hamish! And Happy Birthday!!!!

          3. Avatar of Ben Ben

            There’s plenty of water at Tin Mine Cove campsite and Lower Barry Creek campsite. Drank the Tin Mine Cove water even untreated because it’s fast stream and looks very alright ;).
            There is also some water at Johnny Souey Cove campsite, however it’s quite stale there so not sure of the quality.

            BTW: We found hardly any tape in the area of Three Mile Point (just after Johnny Souey Cove campsite when heading north) and most of the tape was totally faded as well already (so it was white instead of pink). Maybe it was just us not finding the right trail but we eventually just bush bashed our own trail up there, so be prepared ;). That’s where your GPX file came really handy for the rough directions where we have to go.

            And the Chinaman swamp is totally dry BTW because there was hardly any rain this season. So no swamp to fight through whatsoever.

      2. Avatar of Laura Layton Laura Layton


      3. Avatar of Darren Edwards Darren Edwards Trail Author

        That’s fantastic to hear. I am doing this hike over the Easter weekend. How easy was it to find drinking water?

    3. Avatar of LS Gorms LS Gorms

      Love The Prom! Lucky me got to work there for two months a few years ago.

    4. Avatar of Alasdair Duffy Alasdair Duffy

      Mate let’s lock this in!!! Reckon the chicks would make it….??

      1. Avatar of Peter Scheffer Peter Scheffer

        Michael Gomersall

    5. Avatar of Jess Boyle Jess Boyle

      Stede Nyland 3 days just to cross the bog ?

  • Avatar of Sarah Marie Sarah Marie

    Em Cee ?

    1. Hi Sophie
      Did you end up doing the northern circuit? I’m thinking of competing this hike in a few weeks so looking for any updates from people who have done it recently. Any information would be much appreciated (i.e. water supply, navigation etc)
      Thank you in advance!


    2. Hi Iryna,

      Did you end up doing this hike? If so what was the swamp like – wet or dry, given the recent dry?

      Am supposed to be doing the Buller Huts trial starting this Sunday, but some fires have started there today so trying to scramble as plan be as we’re already booked to fly down from Qld!


    3. Avatar of Darren Edwards Darren Edwards Trail Author

      Good idea to alter your plans. I have a few friends who were doing the Buller Huts Trail and had to walk out yesterday due to the fires. Thankfully they are safe.

    4. Hey James, I gather you did 5 Mile Road carpark to to Tin Mine Cove in 1 day – if so, roughly how long did it take? Cheers

    5. Avatar of Helen Letitia Helen Letitia

      Here we come Rodney

      1. Hi
        I am about to embark on the north loop and think your trail map would be a great asset but am wondering which GPX app to use to open it. Does anyone have suggestions.

    6. Avatar of Ben Ben

      hey, I did this hike on the weekend and just wanted to thank you soo much for the GPX file you provided! That literally was gold for us to find our way in the dense bush sometimes :).
      So again, thank you so much for sharing that!

    7. Hi Leith!

      My apology for not replying earlier ! I didn’t get any notifications about new comments and didn’t check this page for months!
      I know this info not much of a use now but we ended up doing a walk in Buller-Howitt area (Mt Koonika/Mt Speculation /Mt Cobbler). But still thinking of doing this northern circuit some time .. What about you, did you end up going there?


    8. Avatar of Darren Edwards Darren Edwards Trail Author

      Hi Nathan. The campsite at Johnny Souey is on the headland near the beach. It is tiny and only suitable for a few small tents. Water is hard to find there too and last time I was there it was only a trickle. We camped at five mile beach then headed straight to Tim mine cove

    9. Avatar of Darren Edwards Darren Edwards Trail Author

      I use pocket earth on iPhone. I’d suggest taking a topo map and compass though as I’ve come across people navigation with a phone on this circuit and they were list as their phone battery had died.

    10. Avatar of Nathan Nathan

      Is the Jonny Souey Cove campsite on a beach and what is the water quality like?

    11. Avatar of Stede Nyland Stede Nyland

      Jess Boyle hahaha your fave

  • Hi
    I am about to embark on the north loop and think your trail map would be a great asset but am wondering which GPX app to use to open it. Does anyone have suggestions.

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Wilsons Promontory Northern Circuit

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