Australian Alps Walking Track (655km)

Australian Alps



5-8 weeks

Grade 5

One Way

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Acknowledgement of Country

Trail Hiking Australia acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we hike and pay respects to their Elders, past and present, and we acknowledge the First Nations people of other communities who may be here today.

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  • Does anyone know of any issue with this GPX?

    I imported it into my garmin connect and it only uploaded from Walhalla to O’Sheas Mill.


  • Susan Curtis

    Have just completed the mid section from Mt Hotham to Thredbo. Just great satisfaction and elation. Will be back to do the Walhalla-Hotham section in November and final section Thredbo to Thawa in March/April 2018. Can you tell me if there is a badge, either cloth or metal – which can celebrate the track. I would like one for my collection of completed tracks. Details of contact, price, etc. would be appreciated. Many thanks. Sue Curtis.

    1. hey im thinking about doing this in winter. thoughts?

    2. Darren Edwards Post author

      Hi Ben. Great question. The following waypoints are identified by letters:
      H: Hut
      W: Water
      C: Campsite

      Do let me know if I missed any.

    3. Hi,
      in the GPX file is there a key for what each letter means? For example I think the checkpoints you have the letter H is for Hut, W is for water etc…

    4. Darren Edwards Post author

      It is a tough hike over that distance in any weather. Winter certainly would not be recommended for the entire length but shorter sections would be enjoyable if you have the necessary experience.

    5. Darren Edwards Post author

      No problem Susan. I sent you an email and will try to get this one on mys site soon

    6. Darren Edwards Post author

      Well done, that’s an awesome effort. There is no badge or certificate available to my knowledge. Your best bet would be to contact Parks Victoria and see if they have any such program.

    7. Susan McDonald

      Would like info on Walhalla to Britannia Creek Circuit Walk please

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