Whether you are after a gentle stroll or a challenging hike, walking in Victoria’s beautifully preserved national parks, reserves and suburban parks will leave you feeling refreshed and alive.

Choose your scenery from forests, mountains, coasts, river valleys and historic areas and choose your level from short, facilitated walks and build up to medium, long and overnight walks.

With the chance to tune into nature and enjoy the fresh air, to be soothed by a breeze in the trees, to feel sun on your face and improve your physical and mental health, you’re certain to want to spend more time walking in Victoria’s parks.

The Three Lost Children Walk (15km)

Tipperary Twin Bridges Circuit Hike (24km)

Tipperary Track (15km)

Great Dividing Trail: Lerderderg Track (89km)

Daylesford to Bryces Flat Hike (14km)

The Great Dividing Trail Network (300km)

Great Dividing Trail: Dry Diggings Track (58km)

Two Creeks Hike (9km)

Daylesford Lakes & Falls Hike (18.5km)

Central to Tipperary Springs Hike (9.2km)