Find the best trails in Lerderderg State Park

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Goodmans Weir Circuit Hike (9.5km)

The Scenic Rim: River & Link 2 Hike (16.7km)

Great Dividing Trail: Lerderderg Track (89km)

The Scenic Rim: Link 2 Hike (16.5km)

Whiskey On the Rocks Hike (12.5km)

Pyrites Creek & Sugarloaf Hike (20km)

Whisky Creek Circuit Hike (12km)

East Walk, Nolan Track & the Tunnel Hike (12.8km)

Bears Head Circuit Hike (16km)

Ruths Gully Circuit Hike (17km)

The Tunnel & Sardine Creek Hike (11.3km)

Byers Back Track (12.5km)

Spanish Onion & Lerderderg Tracks Hike (12.5km)

East Walk – Mine Camp Hike (13km)

Lerderderg Gorge Walk to Grahams Dam Walk (3.5km)

The Scenic Rim: River & Link 1 Hike (16km)

The Scenic Rim: River & Spur Track (16km)

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