Grade 5 trails are suitable for highly experienced self-reliant hikers with specialised skills, including map and compass navigation and emergency first aid. Click here for more information on the hike grading system in Australia.

Western Arthurs A-K (67km)

South Coast Track (85km)

Willies Falls (6km)

Tasmanian Trail (480km)

Coal Falls (10.2km)

Sharpes Falls (5km)

Owen Brook Falls (600 m)

Upper Liffey Falls (2.5km)

Horeb Falls (9.1km)

Ironbark Falls (500 m)

Weld Angel Falls (7.2km)

Frenchmans Cap (46km)

Evercreech Rivulet Falls (3.7km)

Cam Falls (600 m)

Reynolds Falls (25km)

Adams Falls (2.8km)

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