Find a trail ranging from 6 to 10km

Step beyond the city and explore a world of stunning trails, ranging from 6 to 10 kilometers! These mid-distance hikes offer both physical challenge and scenic rewards, perfect for seasoned hikers and first-time adventurers alike.

Whip Snake Gorge Hike (10km)

Northern Escarpment Trail Walk (7.5km)

The Gully Trail Walk (6km)

Wardanup Trail Walk (6.3km)

Blackwood River Walk (6km)

Great Forest Trees Walk (8km)

Jarrahdale 1872 Timber Tramway Hike (8km)

Bicentennial Trail Walk (6km)

Mount Matilda Trail Walk (7km)

Meelup Reserve Trail Walk (7.4km)

Mundaring Weir Rail Trail Walk (7km)

Shedley Drive Loop Hike (8km)

Sika Trail Walk (9.8km)

Kepwari Trail Walk (7km)

Marri Trail Walk (10km)

Camel Trail Walk (8km)

Collie River Walk (10km)

Dell to South Ledge Hike (9km)

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