Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks (15.5km)

Baw Baw National Park



6 hrs

Grade 3






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  • Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks Toby Dawson

    Tess Maree

  • Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks Nikki Smith

    Tim Alexander

  • Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks Adam Philip

    After completing this hike on the weekend, I think it’s worth mentioning that the 1.5km section linking the Village Trail to the Australian Alpine Walking Track across Baragwanath Flat has not been maintained and is now very overgrown. In many places along this section, the trail has all but disappeared which makes navigating this section very slow and challenging. It also requires a lot of ‘bush-bashing’ through thick prickly scrub which is not enjoyable. Especially if there has been recent rain! I would suggest taking the more northerly route (from National Park junction) across this section in both directions as that trail is very good.

    1. Hi, we really liked this walk, the scenery was really beautiful and not too difficult, however we made a mistake to start off with and had a lot of trouble finding the actual entry to the national park. The maps on the boards at Baw Baw village don’t actually say where the National park starts, which is where the actual walk proper begins so we did multiple circuits of Mount Baw Baw before actually finding the National park and the start of the track to Mount Saint Gwinear. We added at least 2 hours to our walk. If you start from Baw Baw Village the easiest way to find the national park is to walk up the mountain beside the first ski lift you come to. Part way up there is a sort of fence made of big bands. Just after this there is a track to the left and when you walk a little way you will see a marker saying village track and that is what you need to follow to find the national park. All the tracks in the ski area are well marked with markers along the way but they snake around the mountain making it difficult to know where to head to. We had copied the instructions and map on the website but just couldn’t get it to work. (On other walks they worked perfectly) There are maps available at information places which have the ski routes marked as well as the national park, it is helpful to bring one of those along.

    2. Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks Bree Smith

      Andrew Long

    3. Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks Amanda OReilly

      Bridy-Anne Sargant…an option for March?

    4. Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks James Harris

      Did part of it 2 weeks ago. 6 km round trip.

    5. Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks Jozica Kutin

      Emma Withoff Liam Kennedy Doran Tessa Withoff

    6. Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks Darren Edwards Trail Author

      Great feedback. Thanks for the trail update Adam

    7. Great run out on the this trail today but a big lesson learned. Always read the comments regarding trail conditions.

      Further to Adam’s comments above that 1.5km section between the village trail across the Baragwanath Flat is now bordering on impassable. With the trail being either covered in thigh deep prickles or waist to chest deep dense shrubs. It wasn’t a fun 45mins getting through this.

      There is a fairly new looking information map at the National Park Junction off the Village trail that I found on the way back to baw baw. This section of trail in not on the map.

      If you are planning on doing this hike I recommend following village trail up and making it an out and back. Give this section of the trail a pass.

    8. Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks Rodney McQuie

      Helen Letitia and Craig Thomas Irvine

    9. Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks Trail Hiking Australia

      Hi Donna. You would have to camp outside of the Baw Baw Resort Boundary. You could camp on Gwinear Flat which is in a valley directly north before you commence the ascent of Mount Saint Gwinear

    10. Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks Donna Murdoch

      Hi Trail Hiking Australia thanks for this. Would it be possible to camp anywhere along this circuit?

    11. Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks Lyndal Peterson

      I’m in when we going?

    12. Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks Alana Ravenhorst

      Kate Wildes

    13. Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks Kate Wildes

      Looks liken awesome day hike!

    14. Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks Joanne West

      Lyndal Peterson Melanie Baker

    15. Really wish I’d read the comments first. ((This trail needs to be updated!!)) As both Adam and Benn mentioned, that 1.5km section of trail across the Baragwanath Flat no longer exists. My girlfriend and I struggled to get through for 15 minutes, before turning back.

      I highly recommend wearing the proper protective gear in the summer months. We spotted one Eastern Brown snake while hiking. Another local mentioned seeing three Tiger snakes that same afternoon.

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Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks

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Mount Baw Baw 3 Peaks

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