Four Brothers Rocks (13km)

Bunyip State Park



5 hrs

Grade 3






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2 Reviews on “Four Brothers Rocks (13km)”

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  • I walked this on the 6 May 2023 and started up along the Triangle Rd until I realised, I had missed the GPX track leaving the road to the left. I came back down a short distance looking for the path, but I could not find one. So dressed with gaiters and poles I just set off where I thought I was meant to be. I just want to say that there is no track/path to be seen on this section. If bush whacking is your thing, then this is for you, but make sure you have the equipment to keep you out of trouble. The gaiters were great in keeping my legs warm and dry as I tramped my way through the bush. If bush whacking is not your thing, then just stick to Triangle Rd until you can turn left onto Windy Point Rd.
    I managed to find my way to Windy Point Rd where I gladly followed the GPX route for the rest of the way without issue.
    I loved my walk on this cold Autumn day with a bit of rain thrown in to add to the adventure.
    Along with my Garmin etrex 10, I also used Avenza Maps on my phone as it enabled me to download a map of the park as well as track my location in the app.

  • I walked parts of this trail today 16/07/2022 and there are 2 x errors in the route.

    The Ferres Walking track section between 10,960m and 11,740m does not exist – use track shown as Silvertop Ridge Track.
    The Ferres Walking track section between 12,418m and 12,810m does not exist – use alternative alignment of the Ferres Walking Track 50-100m north.

    The areas has been revegetated and no trace of the previous track remains. Local parks service are actively discouraging walkers from attempting to use these parts of the track.

    1. Four Brothers Rocks Darren Edwards Trail Author

      Thank you. I’ve updated the GPX file.

  • Ha, the old Hacket Track sure is non existent! Rather than bush bash I continued up Triangle to Windy Point. I’d forgotten I’d been here before a few years ago, then remembered the steep Nichols Hut Track. I was happy to walk down it this time.

    1. Four Brothers Rocks Darren Edwards Trail Author

      Hi Shaun, the Gembrook-Tonimbuk Road is unsealed but is suitable for 2WD vehicle.

    2. Have to love the steep downhill. Or up hill if you prefer a challenge

    3. Hey folks. Is there a gpx file for this hike? I can’t see it.

    4. Four Brothers Rocks Darren Edwards Trail Author

      Hey Paul. There sure is. There was a stray comma in the coding so I have just removed that and the map now appears. Thanks for the heads up.

    5. I did this walk and it was really great. It is not marked at all and the local instructions are not the best. The view from the brothers rocks is amazing and we saw a lace monitor and a koala come down a tree, walk across the ground and climb another. If you walk it in the direction written above there is a VERY steep downhill section towards the end.

      1. We did it couter clockwise and it was nice. The steep part before the Four Brothers was enjoyable. It was great to take our lunch at the Four Brothers as the view really worth it.

      2. Four Brothers Rocks Tameeka

        I must say allowing 5 hours for this trail is very generous- we did it in 3.5 and that was with a lunch stop. Four brothers rocks was beautiful.

      3. Just a heads up, the trail is currently closed (as of November 2019) because of fires last summer (?)
        Presumably due to danger from falling trees and also to allow regeneration.

      4. Nice trail with bits of inclines that don’t last very long – keep an eye out for some other rocks before the Four Brothers Rocks. Went recently and there are quite a few fallen trees and branches and a bit of overgrowth on the Nicholls Hut Track.
        Also diverted a little and tacked on Tree Fern Track – some bush bashing required on this track and follow the fluoro orange arrows.
        Enjoyed this trail.

      5. Four Brothers Rocks Darren Edwards Trail Author

        Thanks for the feedback. I’ll change the hours to 3-4. Last time I did this was with a group of kids so we spent a lot of time exploring the rocky outcrops.

      6. Four Brothers Rocks Darren Edwards Trail Author

        Thanks for the updated info.

  • Could I reach this trail in a normal car? Or will I need a 4wd?

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Four Brothers Rocks

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Four Brothers Rocks

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