Bunyip State Park Southern Circuit Hike (16km)

Bunyip State Park



4.5 hrs

Grade 3






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Bunyip State Park Southern Circuit Hike

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Bunyip State Park Southern Circuit Hike

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Bunyip State Park Southern Circuit Hike

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Bunyip State Park Southern Circuit Hike

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Explore Safe

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1 Review on “Bunyip State Park Southern Circuit Hike (16km)”

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  • I walked parts of this trail today 16/07/2022 and there are 2 x errors in the route.

    The Ferres Walking track section between 13,165m and 13,920m does not exist – use track shown as Silvertop Ridge Track.
    The Ferres Walking track section between 14,608m and 14,982m does not exist – use alternative alignment of the Ferres Walking Track 50-100m north.

    The areas has been revegetated and no trace of the previous track remains. Local parks service are actively discouraging walkers from attempting to use these parts of the track.

    Please remove these sections of the Ferres Walking Track.

  • Hi,
    I’m looking at doing this one soon but also looking to make it an overnighter.

    Is there a place somewhere around the halfway mark (just roughly) where one might pitch a tent (especially near a stream or other water source)?

    Any info would be much appreciated.

  • Avatar of Andrew Hunter-Graham Andrew Hunter-Graham

    I can understand the concern… But seriously, anyone that takes note of the posts on this page should be able to understand that it is just coincidental bad timing that the scheduled post was released today.

    It isn’t the first time that a hike has been posted when there is a fire near a hike. Because Bunyip has been in the media so much, that is why it’s been noticed…

  • Avatar of Leonie Francis Leonie Francis

    Lets give Trail Hiking Australia a break (or at least the benefit of doubt)! Posting this is not telling people to go on this straight away, it’s saying under normal circumstances this is a hike and these are the details. Trail Hiking Australia is a free and extremely valuable service and would be relying on the commonsense of the readers/hikers to understand. Congratulations to those whose responses have recognised this and responded appropriately. Thanks for your ongoing valuable service Trail Hiking Australia

  • Avatar of Mike Clarke Mike Clarke

    Hi folks, i think this is on an ‘auto’ rolling program, yes, it is very poor timing that the sequence has brought up Bunyip. Trail Hiking is a volunteer service just providing information. Irrespective of the timing, we’d all do our prep and check conditions at the time before setting off on any hike. I’m sure Darren (who does live in Vic) was not physically posting this, he would not have known when the auto rolling sequence brought up a particular hike.

  • Avatar of Jason Carlon Jason Carlon

    Ill check this out today. Thanks ?

  • Avatar of Michael Wilson Michael Wilson

    Amazing area, I bob around a LOT on these trails.

  • Avatar of Lynne Phillips Lynne Phillips

    Brooke Phillips I want to do this one !

  • Avatar of Angela Gawne Angela Gawne

    Simon Izzard

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Bunyip State Park Southern Circuit Hike

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