Carry a bandana on your hikes

Bandanas are one of the most universal pieces of gear to have on a hike: simple, effective, multi-functional, and versatile. There are many ways to use a hiking bandana for any situation you might find yourself in. I recommend keeping a bandanna permanently in your pack. Whenever I’m hiking I always have one on me and I always find a use for it. Here’s a few ways I use a hiking bandanna:

  1. To cool off in the heat
  2. To dry off perspiration
  3. To swat away flys
  4. To protect me from the sun
  5. To dry my feet after a river crossing
  6. To dry my dishes on an overnight hike
  7. To keep my hair under control
  8. As a backup first aid bandage
  9. To keep the hold off my face, head and neck
  10. To stuff clothes inside and use as a pillow

If you think creatively enough, I am sure you will find many more uses.


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