• Length: 34.3km

  • Duration: 2 days

  • Grade: 4

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Mersey Forest Road

  • End: Mersey Forest Road

  • Closest Town: Liena

  • Location: Walls of Jerusalem National Park

  • Distance from state capital: 302km

  • State: TAS

  • Latitude: -41.7760350000

  • Longitude: 146.2345430000


The Walls of Jerusalem offers experienced bushwalkers (and after snow falls, cross-country skiers) the opportunity to pursue their passion within a spectacular mountain region that is little touched by the modern world.

A walking track leads from the car park near Lake Rowallan through sclerophyll forest before entering the alpine regions of the park at Herods Gate. The track continues to Dixons Kingdom and Mt Jerusalem (1459 m).

In summer there may be no water between the Fish River (near the carpark) and Solomons Jewels. The creek near Trappers Hut doesn’t always flow.

At the saddle of Damascus Gate there is a 4-ways track junction from which tracks up Solomons Throne (to the west) and The Temple (to the east) can be taken. Please don’t climb up Solomons Throne or onto the West Wall by any route other than the track.

Walkers are encouraged not to venture beyond these hardened tracks. Much of the Walls of Jerusalem is managed as a remote, trackless wilderness destination. Any walkers venturing into the area must be experienced and self-reliant.

Its possible to see part of the Walls of Jerusalem as a long day walk. However, it’s best to spend 2 nights at Wild Dog Creek, giving you a full day to explore the inner Walls.

The following walking times cover just a few of the more popular sections. They are based on the typical time that a walker of average physical fitness, carrying a full pack, is likely to take to cover the distance (one way) in fair weather. Times allow for short rests and drink breaks, but not extended stops, side trips or difficult weather conditions.

Carpark (off Mersey Forest Rd) to Wild Dog Creek Campsite via Trappers Hut: 2-3 hours one way

Wild Dog Creek Campsite to Central Walls (Pool of Bethesda): 1 hour one way

Wild Dog Creek Campsite to Dixons Kingdom: 11/2 – 2 hours one way

Trappers Hut to Lake Adelaide (via Lake Loane): 3 – 4 hours one way

Walls of Jerusalem Circuit Hike

Distance: 34.3 km

Duration: 2-3 days

Total distance: 34343 m
Max elevation: 1437 m
Min elevation: 718 m
Total climbing: 1436 m
Total descent: -1434 m

Walls of Jerusalem, Mount Jerusalem Return Hike

Distance: 28 km

Duration: 1-2 days

This walk passes by or through Trappers Hut, Fish River, Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Wild Dog Creek, Mount Jerusalem, The Temple, Dixon’s Kingdom Hut, Wild Dog Creek commercial camping area, Dixon’s Kingdom Hut Camping Area, Solomons Throne – Hells Buttress.

Getting There

The boundary of the Walls of Jerusalem National Park is 1km from the road end carpark. Bushwalkers must walk into the park from this carpark located off the gravel Mersey Forest Road near Lake Rowallan. The carpark is reached from Deloraine by following the B12 through Mole Creek and taking Mersey Forest Road (C138 then C171) to Lake Rowallan. A gravel road on the left just after the Fish River leads to the car park. There is no public transport to this area. The park boundary is reached after 30 minutes walking following the track uphill through forest. The track can be wet underfoot. Drive carefully between sunset and sunrise as you will be sharing the road with wildlife. National Parks fees apply.

National Park Passes can be purchased from Visitor Centres in the larger national parks and Service Tasmania Shops. For the full range of passes including Annual and Two Yearly visit any Service Tasmanian Shop (the closest are Sheffield or Deloraine) or a National Park Visitor Centre

The Walls of Jerusalem National Park forms a part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. As the park is remote and not accessible via road, the Walls retains its wilderness character. There are no facilities for casual visitors, while bushwalkers are required to be well-equipped and experienced in the often harsh Tasmanian conditions. As with all natural areas, it is important that bushwalkers follow “Leave no Trace” guidelines. See “Before you Walk – Tasmania’s Essential Bushwalking Guide and Trip Planner”.

The region is an alpine wilderness dominated by dolerite peaks, highland tarns and lakes and alpine vegetation. The Walls of Jerusalem National Park is very exposed to the extremes of Tasmania’s changeable weather.

Please note

Walks within the Walls of Jerusalem National Park are challenging. The park can experience harsh weather conditions at any time of the year. There are limited walker’s huts within the park – walkers must carry a tent. The summits within the park are quite exposed and should not be attempted in adverse weather. Walkers must be fully self-sufficient, well-equipped and experienced.


Total distance: 14115 m
Max elevation: 1445 m
Min elevation: 713 m
Total climbing: 1123 m
Total descent: -400 m