• Length: 100km

  • Duration: 8 days

  • Grade: 2,3,4

  • Style: One Way

  • Start: Apollo Bay Visitor Centre

  • End: Twelve Apostles

  • Location: Otway National Park

  • Closest Town: Apollo Bay

  • Distance from CBD: 200km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -38.7547232397

  • Longitude: 143.6693972535

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The Great Ocean Walk is a 100km, mulit-grade, one way hike located in Otway National Park Victoria. The hike should take approximately 8 days to complete.


The Great Ocean Walk is a walking track, located 200 kilometres south-west of Melbourne, stretching approximately 100 kilometres from Apollo Bay to Glenample Homestead, located near The Twelve Apostles, Victoria.

The walk passes through the Otway National Park; with Parks Victoria providing seven hike-in camp-sites spaced at intervals of 10km to 15km along the track. Guided tours are offered by several operators, with the walk estimated to take approximately eight days to complete. All walkers are required to register with Parks Victoria, and must book for use of camp-sites.

The track hugs coastline which is not always visible from the Great Ocean Road; and traverses an area which hosts koalas, wallabies, echidnas, reptiles, bird species, snakes (including tiger, brown, and copperhead), ants, bees, European wasps and leeches. From June through September, whales can be spotted along the coastline. The track passes through several named areas; including Elliot Ridge, Blanket Bay, Cape Otway, Aire River, Johanna Beach, Ryans Den and Devils Kitchen.

The difficulty of the track increases along the walk; with the section between Apollo Bay and Cape Otway suitable for beginners, becoming more challenging when reaching the rugged terrain through Ryans Den. In addition, travellers need to note that sections of track can be dangerous or impassable at high tide.

Start from the resort town of Apollo Bay in the east and finish at the iconic Twelve Apostles near Princetown in the west. For a shorter walk you can step on and off the trail with convenience at car parks that link back to the Great Ocean Road.

Frequently asked questions for the walk are available here.(PDF)

The official Information Guide and Map to the Great Ocean Walk can be purchased from the Great Ocean Road Apollo Bay Visitor Information Centre in person or over the phone on 1300 689 297.

If you prefer to opt for comfort with accommodation nearby, visit for details.

Walking Distances

Starting Point Finishing Point Distance* Approx Time^ Grade
Apollo Bay Visitor Centre Elliot Ridge Campground 10km 3hrs 30mins 3 (Moderate)
Elliot Ridge Camp Ground Blanket Bay Camp Ground 12km 4hrs 30mins 2 (Easy)
Blanket Bay Camp Ground Cape Otway Campground 11km 3hrs 45mins 2-3 (Easy to Moderate)
Cape Otway Campground Aire River Campground 10km 3hrs 15mins 3 (Moderate)
Aire River Campground Johanna Beach Campground 14km 5hrs 15mins 3 (Moderate)
Johanna Beach Campground Ryans Den Campground 14km 5hrs 3-4 (Moderate to Hard)
Ryans Den Campground Devils Kitchen Campground 13km 5hr 15mins 3-4 (Moderate to Hard)
Devils Kitchen Campground Twelve Apostles 16km 5hrs 15mins 2-3 (Easy to Moderate)

* Distances have been rounded up or down to nearest half kilometre.
^ Note that these times reflect a walking pace of around approximately 3 km per hour.

Hiker Camp Bookings

There are hike-in campsites at seven locations along the walk including Elliott Ridge, Blanket Bay, Cape Otway, Aire River, Johanna Beach, Ryans Den and Devils Kitchen. Each of the seven campgrounds has 8 campsites suitable for up to 3 people (1 x tent) per site. Book hiker camps.

Schools, Licensed Tour Operators and community groups

Small group camping areas are available at four of the seven campgrounds including Elliott Ridge, Blanket Bay, Cape Otway, Aire River. Each of the four locations has 6 campsites, suitable for up to 3 people (1 x tent) per site. Book small group camping.

Weather Condition Caution

You must be absolutely sure of tide, wave swell and river levels following high rainfall events on the walk. Visit the Bureau of Meteorology at to check severe weather event predictions. Beach, coastal walking and un-bridged river crossings should ONLY be attempted during low-tide, calm-sea and low water-level conditions. You may need to wait or turn back.


Total distance: 97035 m
Max elevation: 276 m
Min elevation: 1 m
Total climbing: 3328 m
Total descent: -3276 m
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The Great Ocean Walk website

Map of the Great Ocean Walk

Parks Victoria website for Great Ocean Walk

Copyright Tourism Victoria 


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