• Length: 104km

  • Duration: 8-10 days

  • Grade: 3

  • Style: One Way

  • Start: Apollo Bay

  • End: Glenample Homestead

  • Closest Town: Apollo Bay

  • Location: Otway National Park

  • Distance from state capital: 200km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -38.7547232397

  • Longitude: 143.6693972535


The Great Ocean Walk is a walking track, located 200 kilometres south-west of Melbourne, stretching 104 kilometres from Apollo Bay to Glenample Homestead, located near The Twelve Apostles, Victoria.

The walk passes through the Otway National Park; with Parks Victoria providing seven hike-in camp-sites spaced at intervals of 10 km to 15 km along the track. Guided tours are offered by several operators, with the walk estimated to take approximately eight days to complete. All walkers are required to register with Parks Victoria, and must book for use of camp-sites.

The track hugs coastline which is not always visible from the Great Ocean Road; and traverses an area which hosts koalas, wallabies, echidnas, reptiles, bird species, snakes (including tiger, brown, and copperhead), ants, bees, European wasps and leeches. From June through September, whales can be spotted along the coastline. The track passes through several named areas; including Elliot Ridge, Blanket Bay, Cape Otway, Aire River, Johanna Beach, Ryans Den and Devils Kitchen.

The difficulty of the track increases along the walk; with the section between Apollo Bay and Cape Otway suitable for beginners, becoming more challenging when reaching the rugged terrain through Ryans Den. In addition, travellers need to note that sections of track can be dangerous or impassable at high tide.


Total distance: 97035 m
Max elevation: 276 m
Min elevation: 1 m
Total climbing: 3328 m
Total descent: -3276 m



The Great Ocean Walk website

Map of the Great Ocean Walk

Parks Victoria website for Great Ocean Walk

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