• Length: 6.7km

  • Duration: 2.5hrs

  • Grade: 2

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Mt Field National Park Visitor Centre

  • End: Mt Field National Park Visitor Centre

  • Closest Town: Westerway

  • Location: Mount Field National Park

  • Distance from state capital: 73km

  • State: TAS

  • Latitude: -42.6817310200

  • Longitude: 146.7166643400


Russell, Horseshoe & Lady Barron Falls is a 6.7km, grade 2 Circuit hike located in Mount Field National Park Tasmania. The hike should take approximately 2.5hrs to complete.


This very beautiful circuit passes the Russell, Horseshoe & Lady Barron Falls. Each of these falls is highly scenic in it’s own right. Russell Falls being perhaps the most well known falls in Tasmania. Most people only visit these falls, but it is definitely worth spending the time to take the whole circuit and visit all three. Plus the surrounding forest is an attraction in itself.

Start at the Information Centre, the trail begins at the back of it. Soon you come to a junction, you could go left or right here as both tracks converge on the falls. Once you have visited Russell Falls head uphill, soon you will see a junction to the right. This goes to Horseshoe Falls. Whilst not as large as Russell Falls they are worth the very short diversion to.

Then return to the junction, head right over the bridge. Continue along the trail where soon you will come across the Tall Trees walk. You can take either route as they both converge. But it is suggested you take the left option. If you do, make sure you take the right at the first junction you come to, then go left. Carefully cross the road and rejoin the trail.

After approx 1km you will arrive at another junction, go right to visit the Lady Barron falls. Once visited, retrace back tot he junction then head right. Continue along this trail to reach the road, and then follow this back to the Info Centre.

Getting there

Take National Highway 1, Lyell Hwy/A10, B62 and Gordon River Rd/B61 to Lake Dobson Rd/C609 in National Park then turn right onto Lake Dobson Rd/C609.

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  • This hike is certainly worth bringing a camera along as it will be well used.
  • Hiking poles will be beneficial as even though the distance is short there are some steep sections.
  • It is recommended to take the circuit anti-clockwise as you will visit the Russell Falls early on.
  • As this walk is in a National Park, make sure you have purchased and displayed a Parks Pass.


Total distance: 6782 m
Max elevation: 278 m
Min elevation: 175 m
Total climbing: 309 m
Total descent: -308 m
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