• Length: 13km

  • Duration: 5-6hr

  • Grade: 4

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Square Bottle Track

  • End: Square Bottle Track

  • Location: Lerderderg State Park

  • Closest Town: Bacchus Marsh

  • Distance from CBD: 75km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -37.5475784114

  • Longitude: 144.3455962380

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Razorback, Lerderderg and Lower Chadwick Circuit is a 13km, grade 4 Circuit hike located in Lerderderg State Park Victoria. The hike should take approximately 5-6hrs to complete.


The Razorback, Lerderderg and Lower Chadwick Circuit hike takes explores the Lerderderg River from Ler518 to Ler516 Emergency Markers. The River section is mostly off trail, and should only be attempted by experienced hikers. It is a very beautiful section of the river and well worth exploring.

Commence the hike at Square Bottle Track. After a short distance you will see the turnoff to Razorback Track on your right. Turn right at this point and after approximately 2.5km you will reach the turnoff to Razorback North Track on your left. Turning left, follow the trail as it descends to the river below. It does get progressively steeper and can be slippery so watch your step.

Upon arriving at the river turn right and continue downstream. There is no trail or visible trail markers to follow in this section. You will need to pick your way along the river based on the conditions. After a few kilometres you will come to the turnoff on your right to the Razorback and Lower Chadwick Tracks. This is very easy to miss so do make sure you are keeping a close eye on navigation and your surroundings.

Turning right, at marker LER516, commence the ascent of the Take Lower Chadwick Track. After a short climb up the trail levels out. (Last time we did this hike the trail was very overgrown and disappeared in some sections). If you do loose the trail simply remain on the ridge line of the spur and it will reappear (in some sections you may be able to make out the remnants of a stone wall in the undergrowth). The spur continues to rise steeply before providing some relief on a knoll just near the the MacKenzies Track junction. Keep to your right at this point continue your ascent along a narrow ridge. The trail is not as steep as it was earlier.

You will arrive in the grassy slopes at Mt Blackwood where the trail continues roughly west as it ascends to the summit. It is quite a slog up, but the views are very rewarding. Once you have reached Tower Track (bitumen Road) the walking becomes a lot easier as you descend along a bitumen road to Mount Blackwood Road. Turn right at the junction and follow Mount Blackwood Road back to the Square Bottle Track carpark.

Getting there

From Melbourne, follow the Western Freeway 9km past Bacchus Marsh and take the Myrniong exit. Continue along the Myrniog-Greendale Road for 1km, then turn right on the Mt Blackwood Road. Follow this narrow surfaced road north for 10km to pull into a turnoff on the right at Square Bottle Track (just 250m past Shutter Track). Park near the gate overlooking a small dam.


  • The amount of water in the river will dictate how difficult this is. If it is low it should be quite straightforward, but if the river is full it will be much more challenging. Therefore, if there is a lot of water, then add an extra hour or so to it.
  • There can be many snakes in the area so do keep a look out for them.
  • Hiking poles will be very useful for this hike.


Total distance: 12946 m
Max elevation: 724 m
Min elevation: 339 m
Total climbing: 559 m
Total descent: -559 m
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8 thoughts on “Razorback, Lerderderg and Lower Chadwick Circuit (13km)

  1. did this one on a cold, overcast February day.
    the walk in was smooth, the walk in the gorge was fine, there was a little water, mostly in pools and no one got wet!
    Have to say the hike up and out then up to mt blackwood was significantly harder than i expected.

    i felt like the grade of 3 was a little off, i’ve walked grade fours that felt easier.

    thanks for the gpx file, i really loved this walk and looking forward to more walks in lerderderg before winter.

    1. Hey Adrian. Thank you for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the hike. You are so right though. This should never have been listed as Grade 3. I had it as grade 4 in the search results but not the description. I have amended that now. Thanks for pointing that out.

      1. Thanks Darren, good to know I’m not losing in it. I took two (fit) first timers with me and we had a blast but it wasn’t as easy as I expected. See you out there some time.

    2. Wow Adrian. Thank you so much for the generous donation. This is really appreciated and goes a long way to me being able to keep this site developing.