Day hikes of Australia

Discover the best day hikes in Australia. Find the best day hike through Australia’s most iconic scenery, beautiful national parks and diverse landscapes.

Black Range Escarpment Traverse (8km)

Devil’s Kitchen to 12 Apostles Hike (16km)

Ryan’s Den to Devil’s Kitchen Hike (13km)

Johanna Beach to Ryan’s Den Hike (15km)

Mt Sugarloaf & Djerriwarrh Creek Circuit (20km)

Hotham Huts Walk (18km)

Mount Bogong – Eskdale Spur Hike (23km)

Cobaw Northern Circuit Hike (14km)

Mount Defiance – Jamieson Creek Circuit Hike (22km)

East Walk & Spanish Onion Circuit Hike (18km)

Mount Ritchie Hike (16km)

O’Briens & Byers Circuit Hike (17.5km)

Mount Sugarloaf Circuit Hike (15km)

Briggs Bluff – Gar Waterfalls Hike (14km)

Pyrete Range Traverse Hike (18km)

Pyrete Range Northern Loop Hike (15.5km)

Square Bottle & Whisky Circuit Hike (15km)

The Three Lost Children Walk (15km)

Tipperary Twin Bridges Circuit Hike (24km)

Blue Gum Loop Hike (22km)

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