• Length: 23.5km

  • Duration: 10hrs

  • Grade: 4

  • Style: One Way

  • Start: Waterfalls Picnic area

  • End: Warrenmang Road

  • Location: Pyrenees Range

  • Closest Town: Avoca

  • Distance from CBD: 195km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -37.09846383

  • Longitude: 143.3664858

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Pyrenees Endurance Trail is a 23.5km, grade 4 one way hike, located in Pyrenees Range, Victoria. The hike should take approximately 10hrs to complete.

Hike Summary

The Pyrenees Endurance Trail commences on the North East side of the ranges at Waterfalls Picnic area near No. 2 Creek and finishes to the South west at Warrenmang Rd. From the start it is a steady climb of around 2km to the summit oof Mount Avoca.The trail then makes its way west across the Great Dividing Range to Cameron Track (approx 12.8km from the start). If you are planning this as a two day hike turn right onto Cameron Track and walk approximately 400m to Cameron Camp. Them return to this juntion the following morning. From Cameron Track continue west using a combination of walking trail and short sections of 4WD tracks.

In places the track is narrow, steep, overgrown and as the trail descends from Smith track through tall Iron Bark forest its covered in leaf litter and shed bark making it barely visible in places. Keep your eyes on the sparse marker poles with orange triangles to avoid heading off track.

Overnight Camp

Due to the length and steepness of this trail it is recommended as an overnight hike. Cameron Camp (200 mtrs North of the walking trail along Cameron Track) is a good place for the overnight stop as there is a shelter, toilet and tank water.

About the region

Less than two hours from Melbourne, the Pyrenees Wine Region in Western Victoria is the home of award-winning wines and the spectacular untamed ranges that give this region its name. Picture yourself rounding a corner on a quiet country road to discover another vineyard or cellar door, another stunning view.

Getting there

From Melbourne, take National Highway M8 towards Ballarat. Turn right at Sunraysia Hwy/B220 in Mitchell Park. Continue on Sunraysia Hwy/B220 towards Avoca. Turn left onthe the Pyranees Highway then right onto Vinoca Road. Continue along Waterfall Track to Ebling Track and the carpart near the start of the walk.


The trail is well marked with orange markers on posts as well as other signage and there is water at the start and Cameron's Camp.
The creeks are usually dry except after rain.

GPX File

Total distance: 23510 m
Max elevation: 755 m
Min elevation: 348 m
Total climbing: 1283 m
Total descent: -1336 m
Download GPX File

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53 thoughts on “Pyrenees Endurance Trail (23.5km)

  1. Claire looks like a hike for us ?:
    “In places the track is narrow, steep, overgrown and as the trail descends from Smith track through tall Iron Bark forest its covered in leaf litter and shed bark making it barely visible in places. Keep your eyes on the sparse marker poles with orange triangles to avoid heading off track.”

  2. I have been sent these comments by an outdoor enthusiast, following completion of this hike recently.

    Thanks for the work you do with hiking info.

    Today i completed a return section of the Pyrenees Endurance Trail…waterfall carpark to Cameron Camp and back over two days.

    I have noted the following and you may wish to add these observations to the report currently on your site.

    There is no water at the Waterfall carpark or in the creek or waterfall…Cameron Camp currently has water in the tank….the side trip to Cameron Camp from the PEW is more like 800m up steep 4×4 road….resident Koala is very vocal. The return (west to east) was easier to find with the markers…usually spaced at 50 paces…or 100 if trail is clear or the marker lost…i suggest looking up to spot markers to plot your path….look for cut logs that show man made access too. Unfortunately i lost the trail for an hour heading E to W on day 1..the gpx file was not of any assistance…i needed my map and compass and google maps to stay on course and eventually stumbled across an orange marker. East to west may be easier if i were to do it again given my new observations of the track and application of skills.

    Happy to report about 7 1/4 hrs to Camerons camp including  breaks and list trail and about 6 1/4 return due to more down hill. Both camp sites great. Would not recommend if the  temp is over 30 as the terrain certainly impacts fatigue and hydration requirements.

  3. For those interested in completing a shorter (~3 hour) circuit along a section of this trail from Waterfall Carpark:

    Following the trail from Waterfall Carpark to Mt. Avoca (~1 hour).

    Continue along the signposted path until you get to ‘Emery Track’. Instead of crossing the track to continue the full hike, turn right and follow this track eastward to continue with the shorter 3-hour loop (watch-out for dirt-bike riders).

    From Emery Track you can then either make your way back to Waterfall Carpark via ‘Fraser Track’ (which takes you back to the Fraser Track Trail Bike Carpark, and then follow Ebling Track (not so nice) back to Waterfall Carpark), OR

    Turn right from Emery Track when you get to Main Break track and follow this southwards before you get back to the original outwards track (turn left off of Main Break) and retrace your steps down the original track back down to Waterfall Carpark.

  4. I completed this hike as a one way east to west yesterday and the day before. Happy to report there are a TONNE of new markers with the actual track in excellent condition, no tree fall whatsoever, all logs freshly cut away. Markers were sometimes spaced only 50-100mt apart and so never lost the trail once. Lots of new 4WD track posts and signage everywhere. Plenty of water at Camerons. A terrific walk!

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