• Length: 34.4km

  • Duration: 2-3 days

  • Grade: 4

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Harrietville

  • End: Harrietville

  • Closest Town: Harrietville

  • Location: Alpine National Park

  • Distance from state capital: 346km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -36.8925182300

  • Longitude: 147.0658072800


Mount Feathertop – Bon Accord and Bungalow Spurs is a 3km, grade 4 Circuit hike located in Alpine National Park Victoria. The hike should take approximately 2-3 days to complete.


The Mount Feathertop – Bon Accord and Bungalow Spurs hike completes a circuit of the Bungalow and Bon Accord Spurs. It also summits Mt Feathertop, the second highest mountain in Victoria and one of the most picturesque peaks in the state. It is linked to the nearby Mt Hotham ski resort by The Razorback, a high narrow ridge, but otherwise surrounded by steep slopes which continue right to the summit. Unlike most nearby mountains, Mt Feathertop has steep slopes right to the top and does not have the rounded summit dome that is typical of many nearby peaks.

Mt Feathertop is probably the most appealing peak in the high country. It provides terrific hiking in summer and in winter it is a great venue for mountaineering and extreme skiing. But be careful, as it averages a death per decade. Most deaths are in winter and most come from not treating cornices with the respect they deserve.

The Bungalow Spur Track is the most popular approach to Mt Feathertop. It is well graded and sheltered for most of its length. To reach the start of the track, turn left off the Great Alpine Road at Harrietville, just before the school bridge over the Ovens River. Follow the road for 0.5 km to the parking area and notice board.

The track was built for pack horses and tractors that serviced the hotel that used to be near the top of the spur, so it’s relatively easy going. The modern Federation Hut at the top of Bungalow Spur is large, clean, roomy and well insulated. The stove will keep the hut warm all night as long as both doors are kept shut.

The Bon Accord Spur was the route taken by walkers, horseriders and pack horses to Mt Hotham before the Great Alpine Road was built.

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The most useful and accurate map is Mt Feathertop – Hotham 1:30,000. 2nd edition. Rooftop, 2009.

Water Procurement

Water can be found at a natural spring approximately 500m along the North West Spur Track from Feathertop Track. You will find it on the right hand side of the track. Water can also be found in the river approximately 5km from Harrietville on the Ovens River East Branch.

Overnight Camping

Overnight campsites can be found 500m west along the Bungalow Spur Track from the junction of the Razorback Track to Federation Hut where you will find an open camping area and toilet facilities. There is a small camp site on the Bon Accord Spur, approximately 5km from Harrietville. It is right on the Ovens River East Branch but is only suitable for 2-3 tents. There is also another campsite near the Bon Accord Hut ruins, approximately 2km west along the Bon Accord Spur from The Razorback Track Junction.

Getting there

To reach the start of the track, turn left off the Great Alpine Road at Harrietville, just before the school bridge over the Ovens River. Follow the road for 0.5 km to the parking area and notice board.

Total distance: 34411 m
Max elevation: 1897 m
Min elevation: 507 m
Total climbing: 2276 m
Total descent: -2276 m
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10 thoughts on “Mount Feathertop – Bon Accord and Bungalow Spurs (34.4km)

    1. just went there last weekend, and no, the bridge is still not completely fixed. about 100m north (or downstream) of where the remains of the bridge are there is a large tree trunk that can be used to cross the river. follow the orange track markers to find it.

        1. i am happy to be able to help, as i went through the rigmarole of taking off my boots and gaiters so that i could cross the river, and then shortly discovered that it was completely unnecessary! also taking trekking poles or finding a stick to add a bit of balance when going over the trunk is recommended.