Leaving the trail to look at something or for a toilet stop? Leaving the trail – Leave a sign.

Leave a Sign. Leave your pack behind on the trail so that others know where you left the trail.

It’s a lot easier to find you if people know where to start looking.


8 thoughts on “Leaving the trail – Leave a sign

  1. I feel like leaving your pack behind on the trail is not the safest course of action?? Surely if you get lost at this point, you’d be better placed to have your pack with you. I’d be inclined to carry a bright ribbon with my name on it, or something similar? Tie that to a tree where I left the trail?

  2. If you have to leave the trail, maybe leave a piece of trail flagging tape instead, rather than your entire pack. The point is to signal if you get lost. People become separated from their pack when they are lost and panic. That’s the worst outcome possible.

    1. Kel Jackson I carry pink flagging tape… having worked in forests a lot it is the easiest to see as fluoro pink isn’t often seen naturally.

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