Ted Errey Nature Circuit (12.6km)

Brisbane Ranges National Park



3 hrs

Grade 3


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  • Completed on 20.05.18. Note that the reservoir track appears closed atm. This shortens the circuit by possibly a couple of km. I’m not sure how long it is now but we competed it in 3hrs flat with probably 30 mins of breaks. Don’t skip the lookouts as they’re strong highlights.

    1. Did this walk yesterday, 11-03-2020. Warm day, high 20’s, two 600ml bottles of water were sufficient for the walk. Thoroughly enjoyed the hike. First visit to the gorge since 1978. The Brisbane Ranges are not as high profile as the walks south of Geelong in the vicinity of the Great Ocean Rd and the Otway Ranges. I was the only person on the walk and thoroughly enjoyed the solitude. Walked in a clockwise direction from the Anakie Gorge carpark. Got a little bit confused at Switch Rd and missed the Aqueduct Tk Loop (would have been clearer if travelling in the opposite direction). Don’t miss Nelson Lookout. Also the view across the Balliang Plains towards Gisbourne / Macedon is quite spectacular. Completed the walk in 3.5 hrs which included a walk across the top of the concrete Dam. Geelongs original water supply was harvested from this area in the 1800’s.

    2. Did this circuit yesterday – only car in the car park. Was a pretty easy hike with the only steep section lasting about 15 minutes after hitting the first trail. Lots of bird life about, spotted a kangaroo too. Took about 3.5 hours to complete

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