Discover the best multi day hikes around Australia. Experience this amazing country at its best with multi day hikes through the most iconic scenery, beautiful national parks and diverse landscapes. Getting into nature for a longer period of time is fantastic for your body, mind and soul.

Western Arthur Range Traverse (77km)

Eastern Arthur Range Traverse (65km)

Mount Anne Circuit (35km)

Walls of Jerusalem Circuit (34km)

Port Davey Track (70km)

K’gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk (90km)

Federation Peak (45km)

Piccaninny Gorge (40km)

Penguin Cradle Trail (80km)

Tomaree Costal Walk (27km)

Yurrebilla Trail (54km)

Jawoyn Valley Circuit (49km)

Waleka Walk (22km)

Murchison River Gorge Walk (38km)

Serpentine Gorge to Mount Sonder (92km)

Simpsons Gap to Ellery Creek (102km)

Standley Chasm to Ellery Creek (62km)

Ormiston Gorge to Redbank Gorge (36km)

Serpentine Gorge to Ormiston Gorge (43km)

Standley Chasm to Hugh Gorge (32km)

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