Grade 4 trails are suitable for experienced hikers as navigation and technical skills will be required. Trails will be long, rough and very steep with limited signage or navigation aids. Click here for more information on the hike grading system in Australia.

Mount Bogong via Eskdale Spur

Lerderderg Northern Circuit (28km)

Walls of Jerusalem Circuit (34km)

K’gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk (90km)

The Window (5km)

Whip Snake Gorge (10km)

Homestead Valley Trail (4.5km)

Mini Palms Gorge Trail (4.5km)

Echidna Chasm Trail (2km)

Tomaree Costal Walk (27km)

East Walk and Spanish Onion Circuit (18km)

Black Bluff and Paddy’s Lake (13km)

Yurrebilla Trail (54km)

Jawoyn Valley Circuit (49km)

Eighth Gorge (34km)

Smitt Rock (24km)

Lily Ponds (21km)

Lake Sandra (4.5km)

Mount Murchison Summit (7.5km)

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