Discover the best day hikes around Australia. Experience our amazing country at its best with a day hike through the country’s most iconic scenery, beautiful national parks and diverse landscapes. Some of our best walking trails may be less than two hours away.

Hotham Huts Walk (18km)

Mount Bogong via Eskdale Spur (23km)

Cobaw Northern Circuit (14km)

Mount Defiance – Jamieson Creek Circuit (22km)

East Walk and Spanish Onion Circuit (18km)

Warrie Circuit (14km)

Walshs Pyramid Walking Track (6km)

Smitt Rock (24km)

Lily Ponds (21km)

Mount Ritchie (16km)

Counts Point (15km)

Mount Sonder (16km)

Brinkley Bluff (20km)

Ruby Gap & Glen Annie Gorge Walk (16km)

O’Briens and Byers Circuit (17.5km)

Mount Sugarloaf Circuit (15km)

Mud-Dadjug Walk (22km)

Bugiga Walk (22.5km)

Barigar Walk (16.5km)

Briggs Bluff via Gar Waterfalls (14km)

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