Multi-day hikes from 26-50km

Planning a multi-day escape? These 26-50km trails offer challenging and immersive experiences, ideal for experienced hikers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking overnight adventures or longer multi-day escapes. Navigate varied terrain, experience demanding climbs, and discover hidden gems along the way.

Lake Tali Karng and the Sentinels (44km)

Great Dividing Trail: Eureka Track (43km)

Mount Bimberi Walk (50km)

Australia’s 16 Highest Peaks

Lerderderg Northern Circuit Hike (28km)

Mount Anne Circuit Hike (35km)

Walls of Jerusalem: Circuit Hike (34km)

Federation Peak Hike (45km)

Piccaninny Gorge Hike (40km)

Tomaree Costal Walk (27km)

Jawoyn Valley Circuit Hike (49km)

Eighth Gorge Hike (34km)

Murchison River Gorge Walk (38km)

Ormiston Gorge to Redbank Gorge Hike (36km)

Serpentine Gorge to Ormiston Gorge Hike (43km)

Standley Chasm to Hugh Gorge Hike (32km)

Duwul & Durd Durd Hike (34.5km)

Gar & Werdug Hike (36.5km)

Djardji-Djawara & Mud-Dadjug Hike (35km)

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