Olinda Falls and Valley (14km)

Dandenong Ranges



4 hrs

Grade 3


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  • Any way of posting photos on here from the hike? I tried it today. After the rains it was quite nice! Definitely a reminder I need to keep fit haha.

  • Darren Edwards Post author

    This is a really pleasant walk and a great one for introducing people to hiking

    1. John Feeney

      Very good walk. Appreciate the map you provided as the trail was barely marked at all. Can easily get lost there.

    2. Very grateful for the GPX map as a few times I wasn’t certain which route to take.
      Completed mid May 2018 – there are sections of fire trail that were very slippery and sticky clay that you’ll benefit from trekking poles or a good stick.
      I enjoyed this a lot but my favourite sections were definitely the more narrow foot trail parts through forest and when I go back I’d modify my route to include more of them.
      The arboretum is quite lovely in Autumn with the deciduous trees being all sorts of colours and the leaf confetti underfoot.
      No leeches encountered, but many interesting fungi to be observed.
      Saw a deceased dunnart (?), or other native small animal near the falls (not a rat, long nose).
      Pretty tired after this one!

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