Olinda Falls & Valley Hike (14km)

Dandenong Ranges



4 hrs

Grade 3






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Olinda Falls & Valley Hike

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Olinda Falls & Valley Hike

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1 Review on “Olinda Falls & Valley Hike (14km)”

Overall rating
  • Completed most of this track in Dec 2022.
    There is currently a warning sign a the intersection of the KC Track and the Black Hole Track that advises that the track is closed and restricted to Authorised Personnel only due to the 2021 storm damage. It is unclear if the sign is referring to the KC Track (which continues Straight) or the the Back Hole Track (to the Left.) So we doubled back a little way and took the Mathias road to Predator track, then followed Bartlett road to re-join this Hike.
    We did see lots of leaches when we sat down for lunch on the side of the track.
    You could easily make this hike longer or shorter by taking one of the various side tracks although I would recommend a GPS and/or a map and compass.
    Very much enjoyed this hike and recommend it as a great day hike close to Melbourne.

  • Avatar of Darren Edwards Darren Edwards Trail Author

    This is a really pleasant walk and a great one for introducing people to hiking

    1. Very grateful for the GPX map as a few times I wasn’t certain which route to take.
      Completed mid May 2018 – there are sections of fire trail that were very slippery and sticky clay that you’ll benefit from trekking poles or a good stick.
      I enjoyed this a lot but my favourite sections were definitely the more narrow foot trail parts through forest and when I go back I’d modify my route to include more of them.
      The arboretum is quite lovely in Autumn with the deciduous trees being all sorts of colours and the leaf confetti underfoot.
      No leeches encountered, but many interesting fungi to be observed.
      Saw a deceased dunnart (?), or other native small animal near the falls (not a rat, long nose).
      Pretty tired after this one!

  • I did this hike today for the first time – I can’t believe I have not done it before.
    Great trails and a few muddy ones for fun.
    And a stunning variety of trees.
    However my GPS said 16km at the end not 14km as per the notes.

  • Avatar of John Feeney John Feeney

    Heading out there today ? love this walk

  • Any way of posting photos on here from the hike? I tried it today. After the rains it was quite nice! Definitely a reminder I need to keep fit haha.

  • This is a beautiful trail and good fun to run if you don’t mind a bit of climbing.

  • Hi all, did this hike today, has become a new favourite. Great variety, and trails, though definitely need a map/nav. I used the ViewRanger app with my Apple Watch 3, works so well using the Gpx from here, thanks.

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Olinda Falls & Valley Hike

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