Howitt & Helicopter Spur Hike (27km)

Alpine National Park



2 days

Grade 5







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Howitt & Helicopter Spur Hike

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Howitt & Helicopter Spur Hike
Howitt & Helicopter Spur Hike

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Howitt & Helicopter Spur Hike

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Explore Safe

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2 Reviews on “Howitt & Helicopter Spur Hike (27km)”

Overall rating
  • March 2024:
    – Fun trail, with amazing views on the ridges.
    – Please don’t assume there’ll be water at Hellfire. Was dry, so we carried up 6+L.
    – Tricky going on both days. Steep at high altitude, overgrown at lower altitude (esp. on Stanley’s Name spur). Navigation was OK enough but would be tricky at night in the scrub sections.
    – Some scrambling required. Fine to do with pack on.
    – Very cheeky foxes (I think) at Hellfire camp. Tried to steal my backpack, and even nicked a foam mat from under my closed vestibule. No fear at all sniffing centimetres from my head though my tent. Hang up your food folks.

    1. Avatar of Darren Edwards Darren Edwards Trail Author

      Sounds like you had a fun trip. I love this hike and your comments brought back great memories. Good tips about Hellfire as it often runs dry. Sneaky little foxes, that’s certainly something to be mindful of. That’d suck if your pack was stolen.

  • Did this over the 22/23 New Year with a group of four. Trail is in great condition and was great fun. Bushwalking Vic have done work on Queens Spur to clear it between the Howqua River and Stanley Name Spur (although the blackberries are coming back fast – always a problem in that valley). You may have seen some news reporting of a hiker having trouble at the HellFire Creek/Mount Magdala Campsite. There is definitely a confident animal of some sort hanging around that site. Tore open one of our tents and dragged items all over the place. Dragged a pack from underneath a vestibule. We saw a pair of beedy eyes in the dark, but didn’t see what it was. Its strong though, perhaps a big possum or even a wily wild dog/Alpine Dingo. Unsure, but keep your gear packed properly in case.

    1. Avatar of Darren Edwards Darren Edwards Trail Author

      What a great way to spend New Years. Great tip on the ‘thief in the night’.

  • Avatar of Lynda Maddison Lynda Maddison

    Mani Andreetta

    1. Avatar of Mani Andreetta Mani Andreetta

      Lynda Maddison thx, looks tough and amazing. I’ve wanted to do Mt, Howitt, the Crosscut Saw and Bluff track for such a long time.

  • Avatar of Dean Herman Dean Herman

    Trail Hiking Australia how hard is helicopter spur?

    1. Avatar of Darren Edwards Darren Edwards

      Dean Herman it’s steep and seemingly relentless but honestly, not too bad. There’s one section where you approach what seems like an impassable rock face but with a bit of investigation, it’s easy enough to find a way to climb/scramble up.

  • Avatar of Ken Scott Ken Scott

    Love it!! My first hike when I started hiking – down track was very overgrown with blackberries last I did it

  • Avatar of Michael Wilson Michael Wilson

    Nina Birss
    Jason Goldstein
    In One day ?
    We did Viking fast 🤷🏻‍♂️
    ( and not a single meltdown😂)

    1. Avatar of Jason Goldstein Jason Goldstein

      Michael Wilson more of a moment than a meltdown…

  • Avatar of Darren Edwards Darren Edwards

    Love this hike. An excellent challenge.

  • Avatar of Trail Hiking Australia Trail Hiking Australia

    This is one of my alpine favourites. A sensational hike.

  • Avatar of Adeline Dickson Adeline Dickson

    we should

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Howitt & Helicopter Spur Hike

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