Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing (37km)

Alpine National Park



3 days

Grade 4

One Way

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  • Stuart

    The first day is about 4km further than indicated but easy walking. Camping platforms must be booked and currently cost around $32 each night but you can camp 100m away for nothing if you do not mind the ground. There are also many good side tracks for this walk including Mt. Cope (Jack), Ryders hut (Campbell Yards) and Tawonga Huts. The last two are nice camping spots as well. ParksVic is planning a new alignment of this walk to include Weston’s hut, Diamantina spur and Mt. Feathertop. Along the route they are planning to build premium serviced accommodation which will be privately run. Significant track upgrades and new tracks will be constructed at great expense. Permits for the walk are also considered. The target market are soft walkers who wish to be guided and have lots of money but all will have to pay in the future for even basic camping. You can view and comment on the draft plan until the end of Jan 2017. You can find it at this link. http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/explore/parks/alpine-national-park/plans-and-projects/falls-to-hotham-alpine-crossing-master-plan.

  • Laura Waters

    any tips for how to get between Falls and Hotham if you leave your car at one end? are there transfers at all do you know?

    1. Hey everyone, has anyone done this hike in winter? Thanks 🙂

    2. Has anyone done this or has any views on doing this hike Falls to Dibbins Hut (2 nights) and then turn around on day 3 and return to Falls in a day (Light-ish pack)? Avoiding transfer logistics 🙂 Cheers

    3. Zoe Belfield

      Brenda Belfield very true! I might relocate!!

    4. Zoe Belfield

      Brenda Belfield yes one day ¸

    5. Paige van der Pligt

      Cassandra Meehan Easter options ‘Truckie and Midge go walking’ ????

    6. Did this a couple of weeks ago as a return from/to Falls, skipping the last bit between Dibbins and Hotham which I find the least beautiful bit anyway. Followed the official map from Falls to Cope (first night), then from pole 333 to Weston, Blair and then to Dibbins (2nd night), then Dibbins back to pole 333 and the shortcut to Falls creek. You can either make a straight line to Pretty Valley Pondage and then Falls or from 333 to Tawomba huts and then Falls (which is the official shortcut the Falls Creek Visitor Center had recommended – they also have a map showing this, they were really helpful). That was a stunning way to go because you don’t really backtrack anywhere and on the way to Weston Hut (great place to camp, probably the cutest hut I’ve seen) you get amazing views of Feathertop. The track to Blair from Weston requires lots of fallen-tree-climbing, do make the small detour to Blair’s hut, it’s such a beautiful place next to the stream, perfect for a cuppa. Bit of a slog uphill from Blair to Dibbins.

    7. Mark McConnell

      Forest Air Helicopters operate a transfer service from either Falls to Hotham or Hotham to Falls. So you can leave your car at one end or the other. The helicopter ride is about 8 minutes.

    8. Marion Roberts

      Hey Laura – we have the same issue. Shuttle transfer only operates in peak summer. There is a taxi service for $300 (will take 6 people). Otherwise u have to take two cars. Cheers

    9. Trail Hiking Australia

      Hey Laura. You can arrange a shuttle transfer. Best bet is to check out the details in the falls creek website. http://www.fallscreek.com.au/attractions/falls-to-hotham-crossing-shuttle

    10. Hi Larisaa,
      What are the approximate times it took you to walk between Cope Hut and Dibbins via Weston and Blair? Also from Dibbins back to Falls via Tawomba huts?

    11. Hi Larissa,
      We are doing falls to hotham next month but we are contemplating hiking to dibbins hut and back next day to falls. We are only doing one night so will park at cope hut and walk from there. You could maybe park at Langford Gap carpark which will save a bit of walking on the return.

    12. Freya Chipperfield

      I so want to do this hike !

    13. Laura Waters

      I want to do this!! soooon

    14. Sherie Foyle

      Kerryn!!! YES!!!

    15. Laura Waters

      Marion Roberts I have no cars, boo. 🙁

    16. Ben Merlo

      Michael Neal

    17. My wife and I will doing this in December. So looking forward to it!

    18. Laura Waters

      thanks guys

    19. Laura Waters

      thanks Marion

  • Brenda Belfield

    Zoe Belfield would love to do this again?

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