Tread carefully when walking downhill

Walking downhill can present challenges, and it’s important to tread carefully to maintain balance and prevent accidents. Step onto stable, relatively flat rocks and earth when walking downhill. That not only reduces your risk of slipping and falling, but those feet-friendly platforms act as small, natural braking mechanisms for your body, thus relieving your muscles of some of that effort. It may sound minor, but over the course of many miles and thousands of steps, it can make a difference. I frequently walk along the tops of the bigger rocks that are sometimes set in place at the edges of trails to keep hikers from wandering off the trail; they usually provide a stable platform (they won’t roll) and make a descent easier on my legs.

Remember to always prioritise safety when walking downhill. If you feel uncertain about the terrain or your abilities, consider using walking aids such as trekking poles for added stability. And if you’re hiking or walking in unfamiliar or challenging terrain, it’s best to go with a companion for added safety.

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