Ford Road Conservation Area Tracks
  • Length: 5.5km

  • Duration: 2hrs

  • Grade: 2

  • Style: One Way

  • Start: State Route 21, Burbank

  • End: 80 Cherbon Street, Burbank

  • Closest Town:

  • Location: Ford Road Conservation Area

  • Distance from state capital: 21.6 km

  • State: QLD

  • Latitude: -27.55932437

  • Longitude: 153.1689515


Ford Road Conservation Area Tracks is a 5.5km, grade 2 One Way hike located in Ford Road Conservation Area Queensland. The hike should take approximately 2hrs to complete.


The walk is located at the southern end of the track system to J.C. Trotter Memorial Park in Brisbane. It is a multi-use trail network and forms part of the Koala Bushland Coordinated Conservation Area. There are Scribbly Gum / Grey Gum and the walk goes through an open eucalypt forest.

About the region

The conservation area lies north of Avalon Road and Ford Road. Enter from the Avalon Road horse trail or the main entrance on Avalon Road.

Parking is available in the nearby Don and Christine Burnett reserve.

The park reserve is open 4am-10pm daily. There are no toilet or water facilities at this reserve.

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