Caves Trail
  • Length: .6km

  • Duration: 0.5hrs

  • Grade: 2

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Ngilgi Caves

  • End: Ngilgi Caves

  • Closest Town:

  • Location: Yallingup

  • Distance from state capital: 257km

  • State: WA

  • Latitude: -33.64169553

  • Longitude: 115.0341622


Caves Trail is a .6km, grade 2 Circuit hike located in Yallingup Western Australia. The hike should take approximately 0.5hrs to complete.


This short 600 metre loop trail starts near the entry to Ngilgi Cave and makes its way around the perimeter of the cave system, underneath a canopy of peppermint trees.

Walkers can see a variety of distinct plant types including grasstrees (Xanthorrhoea preissii), banksia, cycads (Macrozamia) and hibbertia species.  The peppermint woodlands around Yallingup provide habitat for the western ringtail possum (Pseudocheirus occidentalis), which is a threatened species that is endemic to the area. Ngilgi Cave is located just outside the Yallingup townsite and is well worth a visit. The cave features huge underground caverns and chambers, cramped tunnels and secluded fairy-like grottos. Beautiful karst formations like stalactites, stalagmites, columns and shawls are illuminated by soft coloured lights, creating a mystical atmosphere.


Start Point: Trail starts at Ngilgi Caves off Yallingup Caves Road

End Point: Trail starts at Ngilgi Caves off Yallingup Caves Road

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Region: Yallingup, South West

For more information, a location map and GPS file please visit Trails WA.