Buangor State park
  • Length: 20.6km

  • Duration: 1-2 days

  • Grade: 4

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Richards Campground

  • End: Richards Campground

  • Location: Mount Cole State Forest and Mount Buangor State Park

  • Closest Town: Beaufort and Ararat

  • Distance from CBD: 221km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -37.3017672

  • Longitude: 143.2747091

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Beeripmo Walk is a 20.6km, grade 4 circuit hike, located in the Mount Cole State Forest and Mount Buangor State Park, Victoria. The hike should take approximately 1-2 days to complete.

Hike Summary

The Beeripmo Walk represents a challenge for the more experienced bush walker, this rewarding two day walk winds through cool fern gullies and tall forests, taking in views across the surrounding hills of both the Mount Cole State Forest and Mount Buangor State Park.

The track offers extensive views of Mount Langi Ghiran, the Grampians to the south towards Mount Cole and the Western Plains. The track is well defined and sign posted and the walk has been designed for those seeking a relaxing walk with time to take in the beautiful surrounds.

Beeripmo Walk

Overnight hike for kids

This makes an excellent overnight hike for kids as each day is not too long, the terrain is generally gently sloping with some steeper sections thrown in on the first day just for to make it a little more interesting.

Beeripmo Walk


This walk starts at Richards camp site. The closest camp to the half way point is Beeripmo camp ground. Here you will find toilets and a rain water tank which you can use to refill water bladders (make sure you boil or use a filtering system). The camp ground is quiet pleasant, with about ten or so sites with their own fire pits nestled among the eucalypt forest.

Beeripmo Walk

About the region

Mount Buangor State Park is located 60 kilometres west of Ballarat, Victoria in Bayindeen. The 2400 hectare Park takes in varied eucalypt forest, creek flats, a waterfall, steep escarpments and Mount Buangor, the area's highest peak. The park contains a 15 km network of walking trails. Dogs are not permitted in this park.

Mount Cole State Forest is located one hours drive west of Ballarat, just off the Western Highway, 25 kilometres from the township of Beaufort and marks the gateway to the Grampians. Mount Cole is a great place to getaway from it all. Camp the night at one of the many campgrounds in the parks and stroll after dark to spotlight the forest night life.

Beeripmo Walk

Getting there

The park is located between Ararat and Beaufort on the Western Highway, Route A8.

GPX File

Total distance: 20635 m
Max elevation: 978 m
Min elevation: 471 m
Total climbing: 1051 m
Total descent: -1050 m
Download GPX File

Beeripmo Walk with your dog

Despite what many 'hiking with dogs' site suggest, you cannot take your pooch on the traditional Beeripmo Walk. The reason for this is that a section of the walk crossed into the Mount Buangor State Park, and dogs are not permitted in this park. There is a variation that allows you to remain within the Mount Cole State Forest, please see the map and GPX file below.

Total distance: 17907 m
Max elevation: 994 m
Min elevation: 466 m
Total climbing: 910 m
Total descent: -910 m
Download GPX File

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24 thoughts on “Beeripmo Walk (20.6km)

    1. Thanks Jayden. It is actually in both so I will update the description to reflect that. Appreciate you pointing it out.

  1. We did this trail over the weekend and it is a hidden gem – there are a lot of fallen trees on the second half of the walk through the gully, though, but the second day is much easier than the first, and we were genuinely surprised to see the sign telling us we had less than a kilometre back to Richards.

  2. Great walk, completed this in the June weekend 2018. Lots and lots of other hikers on the trail and so the campsite was packed. Freezing cold during the night so take a good sleeping bag and warm clothes. Plenty of fire wood but it was sopping wet so it took a bit to get going.
    We took a wrong turn at Mugwamp Hut and ended up at Mt Buangor which we hadn’t planned on, but the lookout there was spectacular and worth the 5km detour.
    Trekking poles recommended especially with the steady but sometimes steep down hill on the second day.

    1. Hi.
      Do you do this hike clockwise or anticlockwise? Any recommendations for middle aged get who is of medium fitness.

  3. Great overnight hike. Hiked in May 2018. The views were glorious and we had friendly hikers at the overnight spot who shared their amazing fire. Came across some trail-bikers on D2 which, fortunately for us, had mechanical issues and were being loaded up on a trailer.

  4. Still well signposted in 2020, Day 2 still much easier than day one. The whole loop is achievable as a daywalk, if you’re willing to travel light.

  5. Hi.
    Do you do this hike clockwise or anticlockwise? Any recommendations for middle aged gent who is of medium fitness.

    1. Not to worry as I did it clockwise and got the climb out of the way.

  6. hi.
    i am planning this one on coming week.
    can anyone please give me some approx timing, like when did you start and by what time you reach the campsite and the day two finishing time please!

  7. March 2021
    Day 1 – Started this hike clockwise from Richards’ Campground around lunchtime. It was a hot day so I lost a few kilos doing this lol. It took me 4 hours and 30 mins before I found a spot for my tent and stopped my GPS. Moving time was 2 hours and 36 mins which makes my stopped time 1 hour and 54 mins. It was really hot and the climb was tough with me having to take many breaks. These breaks were also to enjoy the varied views/places you find yourself in. So 1st day was 9kms.

    Day 2 – Nice soft rain and a much easier walk. 12kms in 4 hours and 7 mins. Moving time was 2 hours and 55 mins. Stopped time was 1 hour and 11 mins. Much easier than day 1 for sure. I hid my pack near the Buangor Lookout sign and proceeded to the lookout. I would recommend leaving your pack as you have to comeback the same way. Worth the walk. Missed the turn to Richard’s Campground only by a few metres along with some others.
    Loved this walk. Beautiful but my heart did sink somewhat when you imagine what it would have looked like today if it hadn’t been logged all those years ago.

    Here is a great tip! I stopped to use the bathroom at Raglan Recreation Reserve only to also find a shower there as well – bonus! Coin operated hot water (always keep a few $1 and $2 handy) and oh so worth it. Freshened me up for a great drive home.

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