• Length: 7.6km

  • Duration: 2.5hrs

  • Grade: 2

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Cyanide Dam

  • End: Cyanide Dam

  • Location: Chiltern-Mount Pilot National Park

  • Closest Town: Chiltern

  • Distance from CBD: 295km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -36.15951662

  • Longitude: 146.6422635

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White Box Walking Track is a 7.6km, grade 2 circuit hike, located in Chiltern-Mount Pilot National Park, Victoria. The hike should take approximately 2.5hrs to complete.

Hike Summary

The White Box Walking Track will introduce you to some of the natural and historical features of the Chiltern Regional Park. The track is so named because of the tree species which dominates the central section of the walk.This 7.6 kilometre circuit will take approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete. Numbered posts along the track correspond with points of interest explained on this page and in the brochure.

The Start of the hike is at the Cyanide Dam (Honeyeater Picnic Area), which is located approximately 4Km from Chiltern on the southern or Beechworth side of the Hume Highway. Walk north-east towards Cyanide Road, turn right (east), and follow the road 300 metres to Bar Trail.

Turn left (north west) onto Bar Trail and proceed uphill. The pile of stones (mullock heaps) you see are the waste material left from mining operations. Stop at the entrance to the White Box Walking Track. Stand in the Bar Trail Road with your back to the White Box Walking Track. In front of you about 50 metres and slightly to the right is a section of mining from the Golden Bar Mine. Also in front of you but about 100 metres to your left are the remains of the Golden Bar Crusher or Battery. Be careful walking about in these two areas as the ground is quite steep.

Turn right (east) at the White Box Walking Track sign and proceed uphill to Point 1, the Golden Bar Open-Cut Mine. The small open cut you see before you is a reminder of the search for surface gold bearing ore. Most of the gold from this area was extracted from the hundreds of mine shafts sunk throughout the forest. One of the biggest being the nearby Golden Bar Mine. Proceed further uphill along the track.

Continuing along the track you will encounter a vehicle barrier. Go around the barrier and cross over Ballarat Road and re enter the walking track on the other side. Further along this section of the walking track look out for some of the few remaining large remnant box or ironbark trees. Nearly all of the large diameter trees were removed during the early gold mining days or from subsequent forestry operations.

Continue until you meet another vehicle barrier, cross over the gravel track (Pooleys Track) to the other side and follow the White Box Walk sign. When you meet the gravel road turn left and follow this road along for about 100 metres. Look for the White Box Walk sign which is on the right hand side of the road. You have now reached the highest point of the walking track (340 metres). As you descend the spur look out for the shy Swamp Wallaby, distinguished by its very dark fur and pale-striped cheeks.

The track rejoins Ballarat Road. Cross over Ballarat Road and continue. Approximately 100 metres further on you will join the All Nations Road. Turn left and follow the road south west for 200 metres until it links up again with the walking track on your right hand side.

If you continue along the track it will take you back to Honeyeater Picnic Area and Cyanide Dam where you will find more information on the board.

About the region

Originally consisting of large, well-spaced trees and a grassy floor, the Chiltern Box lronbark forest has changed considerably since European settlement. The discovery of gold in I 858 resulted in many of the trees being cut down to supply timber for the mines and firewood for local people. Today the vegetation is mainly regrowth and the trees are mostly young (less than 60 years old) straight and relatively close together.

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Getting there

Initial access is by taking the Chiltern turn-off from the Freeway, or by taking the Chiltern Road out of Beechworth. From the Freeway exit ramp, you need to follow the signage pointing to the National Park, swinging north onto Lancashire Gap Road, and then Cyanide Road (Cyanide was used in the processing of gold extract, hence the name of this road, and the small reservoir at the picnic area). From the Beechworth direction, turn right onto Lancashire Gap Road, and then Cyanide Road.

In either case, the last kilometre is on an unsealed roadway, and the signage leads to the very pleasant Honeyeater Picnic Area. There is plenty of car parking spaces, and the usual array of day visitor amenities (including a toilet) at the picinc area. An information board at the picnic area provides plenty of blurb about what is on offer in the local area, and the White Box Walking Track is signposted off to the north from this board


There are many old mine shafts in the area so please remain on the track. All plants and animals are protected and no vehicles including mountain bikes or horses, are permitted on the walking track. (The unsealed roads criss cross the walking track so that you may drive your car to locations nearby and walk a few hundred yards to the points of interest).

GPX File

Total distance: 7641 m
Max elevation: 344 m
Min elevation: 252 m
Total climbing: 152 m
Total descent: -152 m
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