• Length: 12.9km

  • Duration: 5hrs

  • Grade: 3

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Little Peninsula Tunnel Carpark

  • End: Little Peninsula Tunnel Carpark

  • Closest Town: Warburton

  • Location: Yarra Ranges National Park

  • Distance from state capital: 90km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -37.71293300

  • Longitude: 145.80785600


The Upper Yarra Goldfields hike is a highly varied walk that passes through some very pretty areas, great views, plus many remnants of the gold mining history of the area.

There are a few variations you can do, but this version uses a combination of the easements and trails. But do bring a good map with you, as there are various choices with which trail to take.

Whatever route you choose, it is quite a fascinating walk to do and well worth the time to explore.

Getting There

Use the Maroondah Hwy/State Route 34 . Continue onto Warburton Hwy/B380 past Warburton then to the right onto Warburton-Woods Point Road. Take this for approx 13kms to the picnic area and car park at Little Peninsula tunnel where there are two signposts. Ignore the first indicating a car parking area on the side of the road and continue a further 200m then turn left into the second car park where there is also a picnic area.


  • Leeches can be encountered so remember to take your favourite leech remedy/repellant.
  • Stick to the marked trails in the area as there are mineshafts that are not signposted and are well hidden.
  • This is also known as McMahons Goldfield Circuit.


Total distance: 13230 m
Max elevation: 466 m
Min elevation: 230 m
Total climbing: 722 m
Total descent: -723 m


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14 thoughts on “Upper Yarra Goldfields (12.9km)

  1. Apparently this walk is closed until further notice. Parks are yet to make safe some of the walkways near old mine shafts. Extreme caution should be taken if venturing in to this closed area. ( so I’ve heard)

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  2. Yes it is closed. Needs a lot of maitenance. Still a walk good though 🙂

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  3. Just wondering if this walk has re-opened? Was thinking about doing it this weekend

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    1. Hi Shane. Not to my knowledge but it would be best to check with Parks Vic. If you choose to do the walk anyway just be mindful of the comments above and be careful.

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    2. No but it is only a small section that is closed. It can be avoided or simply walk through the closed area.

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  4. Erin.

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  5. Helen Panayi I’ve done this walk and it’s great. Maybe after your foot’s perfect again?

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  6. Beanie James Megan Jane Day hike???

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  7. Can I ask – what is your favourite leech repellent/remedy? That little “l” word is a stumbling block for me…

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    1. Hi Donna. Personally I’m not troubled by them if I have heard that spraying yourself with insect repellant or eucalyptus oil is mean to help prevent them.

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    2. Do you mean they don’t go onto you? Or that you don’t mind if they do? 🙂 I suppose they were used medicinally so maybe that is why you are so strong and energetic! Ta for the euc oil tip.

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    3. haha. Thank you. They rarely seem to get on me but I don’t mind them. I’ll actually pick them up and put them on myself just to freak people out.

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  8. Even though this walk is closed has anyone done it recently. What’s the condition like?

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    1. Hey Mike, The section just near the mine shafts is closed due to the barriers being in a state of disrepair. Just be careful in this section and stay away from the shafts if you still choose to do it.

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