Shepherd's Peak Trail Expedition National Park
  • Length: 3.6km

  • Duration: 1.5hrs

  • Grade: 4

  • Style: Return

  • Start: -25.39689769, 149.3822622

  • End: -25.39691707, 149.3823695

  • Closest Town:

  • Location: Expedition National Park

  • Distance from state capital: --

  • State: QLD

  • Latitude: -25.39689769

  • Longitude: 149.3822622


Shepherd’s Peak Trail is a 3.6km, grade 4 Return hike located in Expedition National Park Queensland. The hike should take approximately 1.5hrs to complete.


Shepherd’s Peak Trail is located within Expedition National Park, Robinson Gorge section. Expedition National Park is part of the Central Queensland Sandstone Belt. Scenic Robinson Gorge is one of the main features of Expedition National Park, located on the Expedition Range between Taroom and Rolleston. The gorge winds 14 kilometres between sheer sandstone cliffs up to 100 metres high. It begins as a broad shallow basin in the north and narrows to a deep pool and narrow gorge towards its southern end. Lined with cabbage palms (a relic from the era of dinosaurs), bottlebrushes and wattles, this section of park is home to several rare plant species including Eucalyptus rubiginosa and Leucopogon grandiflorus.

About the region

Expedition is a national park in Queensland, Australia, 490 km northwest of Brisbane. It is named for the Expedition Range of mountains.

The park is part of the Brigalow Belt bioregion.[1]

Robinson Gorge was the first section to be declared a national park in 1951.

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