Rocherlea Rail Trail
  • Length: 4km

  • Duration: 1hr

  • Grade: 2

  • Style: One Way

  • Start: Rocherlea 

  • End: Mowbray and Inveresk

  • Closest Town: Rocherlea 

  • Location: Northern Tasmania

  • Distance from state capital: 198km

  • State: TAS

  • Latitude: -41.38193707

  • Longitude: 147.1317929


Rocherlea Rail Trail is a 4km, grade 2 One Way hike located in Northern Tasmania Tasmania. The hike should take approximately 1hrs to complete.


It is possible to use this trail all the way from Rocherlea into the city of Launceston.  However you will need to use the roads to get around the racecourse at the moment due to a missing bridge behind the racecourse.

The trail features some nice cuttings and embankments at the Rocherlea end
The Rocherlea end of the trail is sealed with a good surface
Good views of the disused rail line adjacent to the trail
Good views of the city of Launceston
Ride the tourist tram at the Inveresk Cultural Precinct
Visit Australia’s largest regional museum, the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

The trail starts near the end of Hume St, off George Town Rd in Rocherlea. From here you can walk or cycle about 4 Km toward Launceston on a sealed trail. The old disused freight railway to Tonganah is on the left and urban housing and sports fields are on the right. The trail ends at a dam behind the racecourse but it is easier to get off the trail at the end of Dover St in Mowbray.

Another sealed section of trail has been built between Vermont Rd and Remount Rd.  The trail finishes at this point as a local  trucking company has fenced and taken over the railway corridor behind the racecourse.  To get around the racecourse, use the local streets to get to Vemount and Remount Rds.  On the other side of the racecourse the old railway formation continues on to host a gravel trail along the top of the flood levee another 2 km to Inveresk. The track along the flood levee and boardwalk along the river at Inveresk is temporarily closed due to construction work, a nice alternative is to ride alongside the old tram line through the centre of Inveresk. However, be aware of the rails and the tourist tram. Near the end of the tram line you can visit the Launceston Tramway Museum, the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery or connect with further trails.


Rocherlea to Mowbray and Inveresk in Northern Tasmania

Launceston, 198km from Hobart


For more information and a location map please visit RailTrails Australia.