• Length: 19.3km

  • Duration: 9-10hrs

  • Grade: 4

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Mountain Creek Camping Area

  • End: Mountain Creek Camping Area

  • Closest Town: Tawonga

  • Location: Alpine National Park

  • Distance from state capital: 364km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -36.70056731511059

  • Longitude: 147.25147057328195


At 1986 metres high, Mt Bogong is Victoria’s tallest mountain, dwarfing all its rivals. The Mount Bogong – Staircase Spur Trail is the direct route up, beginning at the Mountain Creek Picnic Area and ending at the summit of Mt Bogong.

The track to the summit begins at the Mountain Creek Picnic Area and follows a vehicle track to the foot of the Staircase Spur, where the ascent begins through a forest of Peppermint Gums. Bivouac Hut, about halfway along the climb, offersa welcome resting place before the track passes through Snow Gums and out onto the steep rocky ridge leading to the summit plateau.

The exposed treeless plain of the summit offers little shelter in poor weather. Strong winds, fog, freezing temperatures, rain and snow are all common at this altitude. Navigation can be extremely difficult in these conditions so we will turn back at the tree line if conditions are poor or deteriorating.

From the summit you can return via the staircase which makes this a 16km return hike. The other option is to descend via Eskdale Spur.

The track descends steeply down the Eskdale Spur past Michell Hut to the tree line where the track intersects with the Granite Flat Track.

This is a challenging hike that should not be underestimated.

Getting there

The hike starts and ends at Mountain Creek Camping Area. From Melbourne, drive to the small town of Tawonga (4km north of Mt Beauty). From Towonga, Mountain Creek Roads heads east for 10.5km to the camping area. There are pleasant campsites and a pit toilet here.

Be Prepared

This hike requires that you have a sufficient level of equipment (in good working order), fitness and self-reliance.


Total distance: 19297 m
Max elevation: 1975 m
Min elevation: 598 m
Total climbing: 1487 m
Total descent: -1487 m
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16 thoughts on “Mount Bogong – Staircase Spur (19.3km)

      1. Hi Sam,
        I am not a experience hiker but I am fit. Just want some advice of preparing for the climb. I do have a camel pack, torch, fit aid kit, good hiking shoes, and food. What would be the best time to go sun rise? I believe it is 19km, however is it cold up there? Do we need to pack for warm cloths up on the top? We are planning to go first week of Jan 2017

        1. Thanks for your questions. All of he gear you mention sounds suitable. As this is an alpine hike you should always take clothing that is suitable for cold weather and even snow (yes, even in summer). Less likely to snow in Victoria in summer but it is better to be prepared for he worst. As it is a 19k hike I would suggest starting no later than 9am in the summer months. Earlier if you can do that you are walking in the cooler air.

  1. My friends and I are keen to do this hike in a couple weeks.
    Just wanting to clarify, is it 19km one way? or 19km up and back?

    1. Hi Emily. If you refer to the Map and elevation profile on this hike you will not that it is a circuit, not a return hike. The 19.3km is for the total circuit.