Mount Scoria Cultural Trail
  • Length: 0.6km

  • Duration: 30 mins

  • Grade: 2

  • Style: Return

  • Start: 49-55 Ramsay Rd, Thangool

  • End: 51 Ramsay Rd, Thangool

  • Closest Town:

  • Location: Mount Scoria Conservation Park

  • Distance from state capital: 549 km

  • State: QLD

  • Latitude: -24.48630887

  • Longitude: 150.573957


Mount Scoria Cultural Trail is a 0.6km, grade 2 Return hike located in Mount Scoria Conservation Park Queensland. The hike should take approximately 30 mins to complete.


Some travel the world to visit the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, but the Gladstone region’s answer to the hexagonal volcanic columns can be found right here at Mount Scoria.

About the region

Close to Thangool, a 10-minute drive down the Burnett Highway takes you directly to the park entrance, where it’s only a short distance to the site.

Though a tempting climb, the mountain is culturally significant to the Gangulu People, and also considered dangerous under foot. For these reasons, visitors are asked to stick to the designated walking tracks. An easy-to-do activity before a picnic lunch, the short cultural interpretive walk (Class 3) around the base of the mountain reveals Scoria’s epic history, hidden stories and importance of place.

The surrounding vegetation includes 72 plant species, among them silver-leaved ironbark, Moreton Bay ash, Queensland blue gum, brigalow and in particular, semi-deciduous vine thickets that are significant in their own right. Mount Scoria also attracts birds and with thirty-three species common to the area, the park is well-known as a bird watcher’s delight.

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