• Length: 17.6km

  • Duration: 1-2 days

  • Grade: 4

  • Style: One way

  • Start: Angusvale camping area

  • End: Den of Nargun picninc area

  • Closest Town: Glenaladale

  • Location: Mitchell River National Park

  • Distance from state capital: 292km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -37.6020060401

  • Longitude: 147.3388124730


Mitchell River Walking Trail is a 17.6km, grade 4 One way hike located in Mitchell River National Park Victoria. The hike should take approximately 1-2 days to complete.


From river to gorge top, the semi-remote Mitchell River Walking Trail follows the west bank of the river downstream from Angusvale through the Den of Nargun gorge, which is lined with remnants of temperate rainforest.

Often hiked as a one-way trail, you can start at one of two locations – the Angusvale campground or the Den of the Nargun. Angusvale is a wide open area with seemingly unlimited spots for you to pitch a tent for the night. It’s quite close to the river and, if you get up early enough, kangaroos can be seen in their droves.

Whilst you can’t legally camp at the Den of the Nargun, there is a picnic area and car park situated here and a campsite located nearby at a spot known as Woolshed Creek. It is quite close to the river, so if you are camping here, there is ample opportunity to filter your water here.

The trail itself is rugged in parts and has several uphill and downhill sections. Whilst 18-kilometres may not seem long, it can be quite deceiving given how low the trail goes into the gullies and how high it goes to the top of the gorge.

The Mitchell River National Park protects spectacular river scenery, serene rainforest gullies, rugged landscapes and significant occurrences of some of Victoria’s more unusual vegetation communities. The park covers an area of 12,200 ha and is divided by the spectacular Mitchell River, one of 18 Heritage Rivers in Victoria. This easily accessible national park is a 45 minute drive from Bairnsdale. The western side can be reached via the Dargo Road, providing memorable opportunities for day visitors and the more adventurous recreationalist.

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Overnight hike

This hike can also be completed as a return hike in which case the total length is around 36km

Getting there

Mitchell River National Park is 300 kilometres from Melbourne. From the Princes Highway (A1), turn off at Lindenow Road (C602) west of Bairnsdale. Turn left into Dargo Road (C601) then right into Waller Road at the National Park sign.


  • Hiking experience and a good level of fitness required.
  • Tracks may be long, rough and very steep.
  • Directional signage may be limited.


Total distance: 17636 m
Max elevation: 224 m
Min elevation: 66 m
Total climbing: 912 m
Total descent: -928 m
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12 thoughts on “Mitchell River Walking Trail (17.6km)

  1. If you are planning on doing this walk, don’t be fooled by the map on the Parks Victoria map. There is no Woolshed Creek Camping Area. It is nothing but hard rock and unsuitable for camping.

    My group and I did manage to find a grassy spot near the Den of the Nargun picnic area that was far more appropriate.

    Just a little heads up for anyone who is planning on doing this trek.

      1. You’re welcome. Overall the hike is fantastic. 18kms might not seem much, but the trail has many steep ascents and descents, which makes it particularly challenging.

        If you go on a day when you have good weather, the view from the lookout at Billy Goats Bend is fantastic.

    1. Hi Brett. If you are comfortable with an 18km hike you will have no issue. Most of the day hikes we do are in excess of 20km so I would say, give it a go

  2. I remember my school did a walk like this for an outdoor ed class, ending on top of the amphitheatre. For yr 9’s with mostly zero experience it was a killer. 28 degree day, and with around 1 hr left, all our water was gone, and the biggest hill remained.
    However beautiful views the whole way, and a huge sense of accomplishment once you reached the top.

  3. We just hiked from Den of Nargun car park to Billy goats bend, camped one night and returned to the Den the nexy day with a 4.5 year old who was carried a little and a six year old who hiked the whole way with out being carried. was tough going carrying a 17kg pack(some times with a child onboard as well, but what a great walk and some beautiful country.

  4. I would like to hike with my 13 year old daughter, camping halfway and than returning. Can anyone recommend if it is better to start from Nargun or Angusvale?
    Is there any phone reception?
    Thanks very much.

    1. Hi Sabine. I would suggest walking downstream from Angusvale through the Den of Nargun. Re phone reception, sorry but I cant comment on that as it depends on your carrier. Hope someone else can assist there. I’d guess it would be limited in the deeper sections of the gorge and river gullies.

  5. How far in kilometres is the section of the walk between Billy Goat Bend campsite to the Den of Nargun carpark? Ive walked from Billy Goat Bend to Angusvale, is the terrain similar to Den of Nargun from Billy Goat?