Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail
  • Length: 11km

  • Duration: 3hrs

  • Grade: 2

  • Style: One Way

  • Start: Kalamunda 

  • End: Kalamunda

  • Closest Town: Kalamunda 

  • Location: Regional Western Australia

  • Distance from state capital: 25km

  • State: WA

  • Latitude: -31.94978217

  • Longitude: 116.0504568


Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail is a 11km, grade 2 One Way hike located in Regional Western Australia Western Australia. The hike should take approximately 3hrs to complete.


This trail follows the route of the railway which ran through Kalamunda to Karragullen.

A feature of this line is a zig zag which allowed trains to climb the steep grades of the Darling Range. The zig zag itself is now a scenic drive (see Kalamunda Zig Zag trail description).
This trail starts near the top of the zig zag and runs to Pickering Brook.
The trail is being developed by the Shire of Kalamunda. As at October 2006, the trail had been well developed between the zig zag and the site of Walliston Railway Station.
South of there the trail is still being developed and may be poorly signed and a little rough in places.
Railtrails Australia visited the trail in 2006, but did not have time to cycle to full length. Additional detail on this trail would be appreciated.

The trail manager is the Shire of Kalamunda. Please report defects on the trail to Shire of Kalamunda. http://www.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/


Kalamunda to Kalamunda in Regional Western Australia

25km south east of Perth

Compacted earth

Flat and undulating

For more information and a location map please visit RailTrails Australia.