Judbarra Nawulbinbin Walk
  • Length: 1.7km

  • Duration: 1hr

  • Grade: 3-4

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Joe Creek Picnic Area

  • End: Joe Creek Picnic Area

  • Closest Town:

  • Location: Judbarra - Gregory National Park

  • Distance from state capital: 521km

  • State: NT

  • Latitude: -15.6038589

  • Longitude: 131.0782242


Judbarra Nawulbinbin Walk is a 1.7km, grade 3-4 Circuit hike located in Judbarra – Gregory National Park Northern Territory. The hike should take approximately 1hrs to complete.


Located in the eastern section of Judbarra/Gregory National Park, Joe Creek Picnic Area is a great place to take in the spectacular scenery of the surrounding foothills and escarpment. Nawulbinbin Walk leads from the picnic area up a steep rocky slope to the base of the escarpment where you will see Aboriginal rock art (with interpretive signs) and masses of striking Livistonia palms on the scree slopes. Enjoy the views as you follow the escarpment before a steep descent back down to meet the start of this loop track. The 1.7-km loop is graded as moderate to difficult and should take you about an hour. Joe Creek Picnic Area is situated off the Victoria Highway, 10 km west of Victoria River Roadhouse. Access is via 2 km of unsealed 2WD road, which may be closed during the wet season.

Getting there

10 kilometres west of Victoria River Roadhouse, Victoria Highway, Victoria River, Northern Territory. Access is via 2 km of unsealed 2WD road, which may be closed during the wet season.

About the region

Judbarra – Gregory National Park

Everything in this part of the Victoria River District is big, including the barramundi, saltwater crocodiles, the landscape and challenges on the many four-wheel drive (4WD) tracks through the park.

In the west of the park, don’t miss the historic Gregory’s Tree, a large boab tree with carvings from Augustus Gregory’s 1885 north Australian expedition. It’s an Aboriginal sacred site and registered heritage site, and has interpretive signs at its base.


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