Werribee Gorge Circuit (8.5km)

Werribee Gorge State Park



3.5 hrs

Grade 3


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0 Reviews on “Werribee Gorge Circuit (8.5km)”

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  • First time poster!

    Did this on the weekend! We completed it much faster than we expected, 2 hours and 10 minutes with a short 5 minute pause to take in the scenery at Western Viewpoint. It’s seriously beautiful, and great for people just getting into the hiking spirit. There is a section that requires you to climb around the bottom of a small cliff whilst hanging onto ropes secured to the rock face, unexpected (and fun!) but not super challenging so don’t be put off.

    Darren, I haven’t been able to add trails to my favourites or mark them as completed.. am I doing something wrong?

    Cheers all, happy hiking!

  • Also Darren I’d love to submit some photos to be added to the page, what’s your email?

  • Darren Edwards

    My playground 🙂

  • Great circuit for those new to hiking (like me).
    Did this with my wife and found it challenging enough while enjoying the surrounding scenery. Will definitely return to explore more of the area.

  • Amazing walk, with good lookouts and picturesque river scenes. Not to hard but hard enough to be interesting.

  • Best to start this hike from Meikles Point Picnic area (the very bottom car park) then head ANTI-clockwise (as oppose to the above directions). This will get all the uphill section out of the way at the start, and let you enjoy the river section on the way home with no more ascents.

    Also, sticking to the trail, the full circuit hike is only 8.1km, which, most people will do in under 3 hours. Not sure what the 9.3km described is based from.

    Good hike, but could do with some additional signage, due to its proximity to Melb, get alot of tourist hikers, and admittedly, when your in the carpark, its kind of hard to understand which way you need to go and how the 3 carparks all link up. People often wonder ‘where is my car?’ because they’re actually in a different carpark.
    Additionally, because of the circuit and it being uni-directional, the track seems very busy, you’ll constantly be crossing paths with people coming the opposite direction.
    A nice easy hike, but don’t expect solitude.

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