You don’t need much more than your own two feet to take advantage of one of South Australia’s most spectacular assets – its huge array of walking trails. And they’re as diverse as the state itself. From sparkling coast to ancient outback sites, the landscapes and vistas are ever changing, as are the challenge levels.

Yurrebilla Trail Walk (54km)

Carappee Hill Hiking Trail (4.6km)

River Torrens Linear Trail Walk (35km)

Mount Schank Crater Rim Walk (3.3km)

The Rattler Trail Walk (19km)

Glacial Circuit Walk (2km)

Newman’s Nursery Ruins Walk (3km)

Onkaparinga Gorge Hike (21km)

Devils Nose & Back Walk (5km)

Chambers Circuit Hike (9.6km)

Bashams Beach Regional Park Circuits Walk (5.7km)

Dutchmans Stern Circuit Hike (10.6km)

Ruins Circuit Walk (3.4km)

Randell Park Reserve Walk (3.6km)

Wednesday Circuit Walk (3.7km)

Rocky River Hike (13km)

Lighthouse Heritage Circuit Walk (550m)

Valley Circuit Circuit Walk (3km)

Ridgeway Hill Walking Circuit, Newland Head Hike (7.5km)

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