Find the best short walks around Australia. Experience our unique country at its best with short walks or strolls through the most iconic scenery, beautiful national parks and diverse landscapes. Some of our best walking trails may be less than two hours away.

Mount Ngungun Summit Track (2.8km)

Capricorn Coast Pineapple Rail Trail (4.5km)

North Keppel Island Hilltop Trail (5.3km)

Brown Lake Conservation Park (0.25km)

Castle Rock Track (5.2km)

The Junction Track (5.2km)

Queen Mary Track (4km)

Cedar Grove Track (2.8km)

Barker Creek Lookout Track (5.4km)

Crows Nest Falls Lookout (2.1km)

Denmark Hill Conservation Park Trails (0.8km)

Wave Rock Trail (1.2km)

Rainbow Gorge – Kirra Sandblow Circuit (1.9km)

Natural Wonderland (4.5km)

Caboolture – Wamuran & Loop Rail Trail (6km)

Double Head Track (0.7km)

Cottonwood Walk (2.8km)

Coral Beach and the Beak (3.7km)

Tibrogargan Circuit (3.3km)

Jumrum Creek Walk (0.75km)

Mackay Heritage Walk (0.6km)

Paradise to Westcott (3.2km)

Dularcha National Park Rail Trail (3.2km)

Sunset Track (1km)

Box Forest Track (5km)

Mount Tempest Lookout (2.5km)

Boolimba Bluff (6.4km)

Mount Blaine Hiking Track (2.5km)

Mt Greville Palm Gorge Circuit (5km)

Purling Brook Falls Circuit (4km)

Historic Childers (2km)

Mon Repos Walking Track (4.5km)

Gudda Gumoo (Rainbow Waters) (4km)

Solway Circuit (1.2km)

Blue Arrow Circuit (6.6km)

Table Top Mountain Toowoomba (2km)

Goon Goon Dhina (Culture Circuit) (2.8km)

The Pyramid Track (3.6km)

Dripping Rock and the Overhang (3.2km)

Dragon Cave and Bloodwood Cave (2.6km)

The Sphinx and Turtle Rock (7.4km)

Wyberba Walk (0.28km)

Ford Road Conservation Area Tracks (5.5km)

Underground Creek Track (2.8km)

Flinders Beach (7.1km)

Oceanview Walk (1.2km)

Hill Inlet Lookout (1.3km)

Granite Arch Circuit (1.6km)

Billabong Outlook Circuit (0.8km)

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