Return hikes and trails

A return hike, also known as an out-and-back hike, is the most straightforward type of hiking trail. Unlike circuit or one-way hikes, it takes you on a single path that starts and finishes at the same location. Think of it like walking down a straight line and then turning back to come home the same way. Find the best return hikes in Australia here.

Mount Meharry Summit Walk (16km)

The Window Walk (5km)

Piccaninny Gorge Hike (40km)

Kungkalanayi Lookout Trail Walk (1km)

Whip Snake Gorge Hike (10km)

Northern Escarpment Trail Walk (7.5km)

Homestead Valley Trail Walk (4.5km)

Mini Palms Gorge Trail Walk (4.5km)

Echidna Chasm Trail Walk (2km)

The Domes Walk (1.5km)

Piccaninny Creek Lookout Walk (3km)

East Mt Barren Walk (3km)

Z Bend Lookout Walk (1.2km)

Great Forest Trees Walk (8km)

Syd’s Rapids & Aboriginal Heritage Trail Walk (6.4km)

Gloucester Tree to Cascades Walk (12km)

Warren Lookout Walk (2.4km)

Sepulcralis Hill Walk (600m)

Luke Pen Walk (14.4km)

Mount Maxwell Walk (200m)

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