Find the best trails in Lane Cove National Park

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Baker’s Cottage Walk (1.5km)

Sydney to Thornleigh – Lane Cove Hike (33km)

De Burgs Bridge to Thornleigh Station Hike (9.7km)

Garadi Track (1.5km)

Riverside Walk (5.3km)

Blackbutt Creek Walk (5.5km)

Fiddens Wharf Walking Track (3km)

De Burghs Bridge to Fullers Bridge Hike (6km)

Epping to Thornleigh Station Hike (8km)

Eastwood to Hornsby Hike (20.6km)

Gordon to Hornsby Hike (25.8km)

Epping to Pennant Hills Station Walk (5.3km)

Whale Rock Walk (500m)

Lane Cove Weir to Boat Shed Walk (1.3km)

Thornleigh to Marsfield Hike (6.1km)

Riverside Walking Track (5.5km)

Kissing Pt Road to De Burghs Bridge Walk (4.4km)

Gordon to Chatswood Station Hike (12.2km)

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