Queensland: Grade 4 hiking trails

Grade 4 trails are suitable for experienced hikers as navigation and technical skills will be required. Trails will be long, rough and very steep with limited signage or navigation aids. Click here for more information on the hike grading system in Australia. Discover the best grade 4 hikes in Queensland, Australia.

Mount Coochin Peaks Traverse (2.5km)

Mount Tibberoowuccum Summit Walk (2.5km)

K’Gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk (90km)

Honeyeater Lookout Walk (7.5km)

Mount Allan Fire Trail Walk (9km)

Artists Cascades Hike (11.5km)

Augies Loop Hike (16km)

Cooloola Wilderness Trail Hike (48km)

North Keppel Island Hilltop Trail Walk (5.3km)

Castle Rock Track (5.2km)

Cedar Grove Track (2.8km)

Border Track (21.4km)

Conway Circuit Hike (27.1km)

Boolimba Bluff Hike (6.4km)

Mount Blaine Hiking Track (2.5km)

Mount Greville Palm Gorge Circuit Walk (5km)

Gudda Gumoo Walk (4km)

Table Top Mountain Toowoomba Walk (2km)

The Pyramid Track (3.6km)

The Sphinx & Turtle Rock Hike (7.4km)

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