Northern Territory: Grade 3 trails

Grade 3 (Moderate) trails are suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Hiking experience is recommended as trails may have short steep hill sections, rough surfaces and natural steps. Click here for more information on the hike grading system in Australia. Discover the best grade 3 trails in Northern Territory, Australia.

Butterfly Gorge Hike (12km)

Windolf Walk (10km)

Baruwei Loop Walk (4.9km)

Baruwei Lookout Walk (1.8km)

Ormiston Pound & Gorge Walk (9.5km)

Jagududgu Loop Walk (7.5km)

Trephina Gorge Walk (1.8km)

N’Dhala Gorge Walk (3.5km)

Greenant Creek Walk (2.7km)

Tjaynera – Sandy Creek Walk (3.4km)

Yurmikmik Lookout Walk (5km)

Maguk Walk (2km)

Wangi Falls Walk (1.6km)

Ellery Creek Dolomite Circuit Walk (2.5km)

Tolmer Falls Walk (1.6km)

Leliyn Trail Walk (2.6km)

Walker Creek Walk (3.5km)

Heavitree Gap Yeperenye Circuit Walk (3.0km)

Yurmikmik Boulder Creek Walk (2km)

Nanguluwur Rock Art Site Walk (3.4km)

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